Why people hated shopping carts when they first came out

New York (CNN Business) We live in a world shaped by shopping carts.
"The shopping cart is what permitted this rapid flitting from object to object," Warnes said in an email.
But early on, customers were wary of shopping carts, much to the surprise of the man who is responsible for making them an object of everyday life.
The arrival of supermarketsThe adoption of shopping carts came just as supermarkets burst onto the scene in America.
"Can you imagine wending your way through a spacious food market without having to carry a cumbersome shopping basket on your arm?"
To convince customers to use them, Goldman hired people to walk around the store with shopping carts and fill them up.
Leaving the storeThe shopping cart's basic design hasn't changed much since then.
Seatbelts were added to the child seats in the 1960s, although that hasn't prevented thousands of shopping cart accidents involving children each year.
It's stackable so it's really easy for transporting"Perhaps the biggest development for shopping carts in later decades is how they wound up outside of stores.
Cities and towns have tried to crack down on stray shopping carts.
There's even a book , "The Stray Shopping Carts of Eastern North America: A Guide to Field Identification," dedicated to the odd places carts wind up.
"That says something about the role of the shopping cart in our lives."