ZIK Analytics Releases Video on How to Sell on eBay for Beginners

ZIK Analytics, a company based in Paphos, Cyprus, has recently released a YouTube video that shows how to sell on eBay for beginners. The company provides a powerful eBay research software and specializes in eBay drop shipping. This software employs special calculations and statistical techniques to make market research easy, powerful, and quick. In the video, ZIK Analytics CEO Nahar Geva offers five quick tips for those planning to sell on eBay, including a number of important suggestions and information.


The first tip is for sellers to determine first what they are willing to sacrifice to make the business of selling on eBay work for them. The second tip is to determine how much money they are willing to risk or invest in their business. The third tip is for sellers to decide on the kinds of items that they want to focus on, such as books, clothes, electronics, house ware, utensils, etc. Fourth is to specify a particular space in the home to be used for the business. And lastly, it is vital to choose a particular business model, whether it is drop shipping, retail arbitrage, selling second hand products, and more.

After providing five quick tips, the video discusses the steps that must be taken to sell on eBay. The first step is to open an eBay account with managed payments active. Next, it is important for sellers to find out if they have limitations. It is common to have limitations if an eBay account is brand new. Usually, a new account will be restricted to 10 items and/or $1,000, although sellers can request for increases once each month. It is important to note selling limits cannot be expanded by signing up for an eBay store.

The third step in this beginners guide is to determine the items to be listed for sale. And since there is a maximum number of 10 items that can be listed for a beginner’s account, plus there is still 0 seller feedback, it would be a great idea to list those items that will sell quickly. This is where the ZIK Analytics software can be helpful because it allows the user to determine which products are profitable and have a lot of demand with just a few clicks.

The fourth step is to decide on how to list the items for sale. There are two ways of doing it, which is the buy it now method and the other way is to use auctions. Those who are starting out are advised to use auctions because these provide a way to guarantee a sale, instead of waiting for a buyer for the item. The choice is really about listing the item as an auction with the risk of not selling it for as much money that the seller wants or list it as a buy it now item and wait.

With regards to feedback, it is normal to have no feedback at first but it is important to do certain things to get a positive seller feedback as soon as possible. It would be a great idea to list the items well, take good pictures, ship to the customer as quickly as possible, and not to forget to include a thank you note with the shipped item. It may also be helpful to purchase some supplies on eBay from sellers who have high feedback as this will automatically leave a positive feedback. While these will not be considered as seller feedback, they will be included in counting the overall feedback.

It is important to ensure that the pictures taken of the items for sale are really good. It is recommended to take the pictures in square mode and to adjust the brightness to ensure that the lighting is good. It is also a great idea to use a white background.

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