Zenapet Helps Save Abandoned Pets from Being Euthanized

Zenapet is helping save abandoned pets from being euthanized by offering a photo challenge giveaway and a donation. Pet lovers can join their “pawesome” giveaway to win a $50 Amazon gift card and a $100 donation to Barks of Love in the winner’s name. People can participate in the giveaway and donation by following @zenapet and @barksoflove on Instagram, sharing a photo of their dog on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest with the hashtag #Zenapet, and tagging a fellow dog lover on their Instagram page. More about this can be gleaned from the Zenapet Instagram page.

Barks of Love is considered to be a primary resource for the welfare of abused and abandoned animals in Orange County, CA. It is an animal rescue and placement services organization, and their goal is to decrease euthanasia rates in all of the animal shelters in Orange County and the neighboring counties of Southern California. They rehabilitate and then re-train the dogs to get them qualified for adoption. All of the dogs that they rescue are placed in private foster homes where they get the affection and medical care that they need until a permanent home is found for them. 100 percent of the donations to Barks of Love will be used to help find a forever home for the rescued dogs.

Zenapet - Barks of Love Giveaway

People can become fosters for some of the dogs rescued by Barks of Love. This will require a special process by which dogs are matched with potential fosters suitable to their personality and requirements. The foster homes will serve as temporary homes for the dogs until a suitable permanent home is found for each dog. Fosters will enjoy the benefit of receiving the full experience of dog ownership without the long-term commitment or financial burden. In addition, the costs will actually be tax-deductible. However, they are only accepting fosters in the Orange County area at the present time. More about Barks of Love can be viewed at www.barksoflove.org.

Zenapet is a company made up of a community of pet parents who decided to develop their own products that could help ensure a healthy lifestyle for dogs. They offer products for immune support, and hip and joint health. At Zenapet, they believe in being totally transparent about the natural ingredients included in their products. They also make certain that only the highest quality ingredients are being used for the products that will be given to people’s furry friends. They stand by their high-quality products and guarantee 100 percent customer satisfaction. Zenapet is focused on the welfare of dogs through the improvement of the top brands of products that support dog health.

Zenapet stands for premium immune-boosting products that help in promoting a healthy response in dogs to food, seasonal, skin, and environmental allergies. It is composed of plants and mushrooms that provide people’s furry companions with a broad range of antioxidants designed to decrease the number of free radicals in their bodies. Some of their most popular products are Glucosamine for Dogs and Zenapet Dog Immune Support-Immune Booster for Dogs.

Zenapet ensures that its products are made in the US at a facility approved by the FDA. They recommend that pet lovers request advice from a holistic veterinarian when using supplements for dogs who are being given medications.

Through some research, they were able to find out about some superfood ingredients that have been used by humans for years. However, more studies had to be done because the dosages and ingredients may differ between humans and animals. In addition, some of the natural ingredients that are often used in supplements for humans can have toxic effects on animals even if they have no negative effects on humans.

Those who would like to know more about the pet products available from Zenapet may want to check out their website at www.zenapet.com. They are open from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Pacific.


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