Yonkers Workers' Compensation Lawyers Release Next Webinar

Yonkers, NY - The Yonkers Workers' Compensation Lawyers at Markhoff & Mittman P.C., also known as The Disability Guys, are looking forward to hosting their upcoming webinar on common types of work injuries they handle. To learn more about their local law office, visit: https://thedisabilityguys.com/workers-compensation/yonkers-work-injury-lawyers/.

The webinar will be held through Google Hangout on May 31, 2021, at 6 PM. To sign up, email info@thedisabilityguys.com.

Outside of The Disability Guys Yonkers law office

"New York has some of the most hazardous working conditions in the country. While certain occupations, such as construction, are inherently risky, accidents can happen in any sort of workplace. We hope by providing this webinar, we can help answer any questions associated with work accidents and how our legal team can help serve you," Mr. Brian Mittman shares, the managing attorney at The Disability Guys.

The social security and workers' compensation law office handles an assortment of work injury cases, with some of the most common involving slip and falls, car accidents, office accidents, defective equipment, Heavy machinery accidents, scaffold accidents, construction accidents, and crane accidents, among others.

Mr. Mittman concludes, "Our legal team is committed to providing our clients with the assistance they need after sustaining injuries, so please call us at (914) 600-3874 if you have any questions or concerns."

The Yonkers law firm represents residents locally and extends its services out to surrounding areas such as North Riverdale, Ludlow, Park Hill, Dunwoodie, Bryn Mawr Park, Bronxville, Lincoln Park, Nodine Hill, CenTuck, and Cedar Knolls.

Stay up-to-date to the latest community events by following their social account: https://www.facebook.com/disabilitylawyers/


For more information about TDG - Yonkers, contact the company here:

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