Yard Busters Landscaping Announces Readiness for Snow Removal Calgary

Yard Busters Landscaping is very pleased to announce that it is now 100% ready to provide snow removal services for both residential and commercial property owners in Calgary during the coming months. The first snowfall of autumn for Calgary usually arrives in September or October most years. The snow season will last for several months and typically the last snowfall happens in April or May. That is just an average however, as in some years there is literally no start or stop to the snow season and it can last all year round. As Calgary residents know to their cost only too well it can snow in any month of the year.

Although most days of snowfall in Calgary will leave less than five centimetres (2 inches) of fresh snow on the ground it can receive significantly more at times. On average each year Calgary will experience 5cm of new snow on at least 7 days and occasionally, big snowstorms will leave over ten centimetres. Fortunately, big blizzards that deposit 25 centimetres or more are very rare events.

John Tollerton, a company spokesperson, said, “Yard Busters snow removal service offers local Calgary residents the opportunity to have all the hard work done for them. Although the City of Calgary clears roads, designated sidewalks and pathways as well as some other high-use public areas, section 67 of the Street Bylaw requires Calgary property owners to remove snow and ice, right down to the bare surface, from public sidewalks bordering their private property within 24 hours of a snowfall ending.”

The penalties for property owners who fail to do just that can prove to be quite expensive as the cost is a minimum flat rate of $150 plus GST and an administration fee. This will be added to the owner's annual property tax if not paid by the due date.

Property occupants will receive a $250 fine for a first offence, $500 for a second offence, $750 for a third, and so on during a twelve-month period. Tickets that are issued to repeat offenders may require a court appearance.

Not everyone can do snow and ice clearance by themselves of course. Sometimes people can no longer physically do it and at other times people simply do not have the time. For those people Yard Busters Landscaping’s snow removal service can be a real boon.

Yard Busters Landscaping offers Calgary residents a professional and reliable snow removal service. Snow removal starts within 24 hours of just 1 cm of accumulation and in most situations, if it has started snowing overnight, a customer's snow clearance service will be completed within 12 hours.

The company begins its snow clearing routes at 5 am and under normal snow clearing conditions the route would usually be finished by 4pm or sooner. If it is a major snow event Yard Busters Landscaping will continue to clear the snow from a property once every 24 hours until there is no more snow left for it to clear.

As one satisfied customer, Samuel Ikezue, said in his online review, “We are very pleased with the snow clearing and Christmas lighting services of Yard Busters Landscaping. They provided these services for us last year and the snow clearing service was always on time and as stated in the contract. Looking forward to the same excellent services this year. Will recommend them for both Christmas lighting and snow clearing services. Keep doing the good job guys!”

Yard Busters Landscaping was started in 2002 by Wayne Van Meter as a summer job but it soon turned into a year-round family run business. Since then the company has been helping Calgary residents get the most out of their yards as well as offering other services such as snow removal and house cleaning.

More about the services offered by yard Busters landscaping as well as other customer testimonials can be found by going to https://yard-busters-landscaping-calgary.business.site/. Details of how to contact the company can be found there or on its website.


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