Xclusive Professional Auto Detailing Now Offering Quality Car Paint Shop Services in Louisville KY

Xclusive Professional Auto Detailing is pleased to announce that they are now offering auto paint shop services. This was done to enhance their already lengthy list of reputable auto detailing services. Now their clients who need minor dent, chip repair, or total paint restoration work done will not have to wait extra time for their car to be taken to another auto paint shop as part of the process.

The company owner, Michael Warfield, noted that every time someone leaves home in their car, that car is then subject to the elements and road hazards such as stones being thrown up from other cars and trucks. Over time, this can really wreak havoc on a car’s delicate clear coat or paint finish. He added that even the best auto detailing work cannot do much when there are severe blemishes in a car’s finish. That’s why it was so important to them to add to their customers' convenience by establishing their own paint shop at their auto detailing facility. Warfield says that now cars that come to them with numerous scratches, minor dents, hail damage, and more can have their finishes completely restored. The company follows a 4-step process when they do their paint restoration work. This includes first buffing out any blemishes they can in a car’s finish and sanding spots that have more severe finish problems which can be felt as a fingernail catches on them. He said that after they buff and sand a car’s finish, they next do 2-stage paint correction and then complete the job by adding a layer of clear coat protection. All of this is usually done in less than 48 hours. The company owner says that their new paint shop can handle everything from the smallest paint repair to whole car paint jobs. He mentioned that they can even change the color of a car and do custom paint jobs such as adding striping.

Warfield also says that he named his company Xclusive Professional Auto Detailing because he wants his customers to understand that the car detailing work that they do goes way beyond the typical auto detailing work performed by most shops. They also offer many specialty detailing services too. He pointed out that this includes such detailing tasks as headlight restoration and their popular ‘glassparency’ service. The company owner says that they also do a great job when it comes to installing window tinting or one of their unique clear bra auto front-end paint protectors. All of these services are described in more detail on the shop’s website which is found at https://www.xclusiveautodetailing.com/.

Warfield, says, “All jobs, big or small are handled with the same high-quality material and products from the most experienced team in the industry.” He added that they offer free quotes on all of their services and they will even work with a customer helping them come up with a custom design for their vehicle.

Customers also rave about the detailing work that this company has provided them with. Charles Crook says, “My 2010 Nissan 370Z was looking a little tired and I discovered Xclusive Pro Auto detailer was not far from my residence. I left the car with them and when I went to pick it up, it looked like a new car. The transformation was amazing. I was totally pleased with the result. I then patted myself on my back for my shiny convertible that I was smart enough to get expertly detailed for a reasonable price. I definitely recommend Xclusive if you want to make your ride one to be proud of again.” This review is just one of a long list of 5-star reviews on this auto detailing shop that can be found on their Google Maps Listing.

For those who are interested to learn more about the paint shop or other services this auto detailing Louisville, KY company offers, they can phone them, send them an email, or they can fill out the form on the ‘contact us’ page of their website.


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