Wrongful Death Lawyer Alexander Napolin Is Providing Legal Representation In Ontario, CA

Ontario car accident lawyer Alexander D. Napolin is providing his services to those seeking to recover damages from the party at fault in a wrongful death case.

The process for holding the party at fault responsible for a fatal accident begins by filing a civil wrongful death claim with an attorney. According to California legal conduct, to file a wrongful death claim, a person’s death has to be caused by another party’s wrongdoing or negligence to adhere to commonsense safety standards in a situation where the repercussions could be fatal. In case the death of the person was carried out with malicious intent, whether it was planned or happened in the heat of the moment, it turns into a criminal lawsuit. Civil lawsuits are aimed at compensating the victim’s decedents for the pain and suffering caused to them due to the wrongful death of the victim. The civil lawsuit can also be filed by a personal representative of the deceased victim’s estate.

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Civil lawsuits differ significantly from criminal lawsuits because the compensation is expressed in monetary terms only and the party at fault is not penalized with jail or prison time. In case a civil suit is successful, the liable party has to pay the victim’s survivors full restitution as decided as part of the settlement or the civil trial. In case the victim’s representatives already have a criminal case pending in California, they can also bring a civil wrongful death claim to court.

California courts can compensate the victim for a range of losses accumulated by the victim’s decedents in the form of financial support, contributions, services, society, comfort, companionship, and consortium, care and protection, training and advice, funeral and burial expense, and prospective gifts. However, there are still some kinds of damages that are, unfortunately, non-recoverable including detriment suffered by the decedent, decedent’s medical expenses, heir’s grief, sorrow, anguish, mental suffering, decedent’s prospective savings, the expectancy of inheritance, and punitive damages.

Alexander Napolin, considered by many to be the best wrongful death lawyer Ontario has to offer, discusses the legal battle in store for someone filing a wrongful death claim by saying, “When you lose a loved one, no amount of monetary compensation can bring them back and make your life whole again. However, this doesn’t mean that the party at fault should be able to get off scot-free. It is your civic duty to ensure that you take the fight to a court of law to make sure that the person that caused you the pain and suffering is held liable for their negligent actions. It not only prevents the suffering for others like you, that may stand to lose those that they hold near and dear, but it also sets a legal precedent that can change society for the better. You will never get the one you lost back, but your actions can save others from similar heartbreak. So if you are filing a wrongful death claim in Orange County, San Bernardino County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, or Inland Empire, give our law office a call. Our team of legal experts will represent you to our fullest ability and build a strong case to ensure a favorable outcome for you. One consultation with us and you will find out why I’m the best personal injury lawyer Ontario has to offer.”

Alexander D. Napolin has been serving areas in and around Los Angeles for over a decade. He is a born native of Orange County. He graduated from Troy High School and completed California State University, Fullerton in 2008 when he received two B.A. degrees, in American Studies and Business Administration. He earned his law degree from Pepperdine University School of Law in Malibu, California. Alexander Napolin's notable cases include Sanchez v. Children's Dental Group and Spencer v. Stephen Paddock; MGM Resorts.

His law office in San Bernardino County can be contacted at the phone number 1-844-984-4878. His Ontario office is located at 430 N Vineyard Ave Ste. 125, Ontario, CA 91764, United States.


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