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Laguna Niguel, CA - With warmer weather set to arrive in the U.S., most dog owners dread the thought of their dog being bitten by a snake. In many areas of the United States, venomous snakes are a real concern.


Cottonmouths, copperheads and rattlesnakes are common in parts of the Southeastern United States with rattlesnakes more common in the Western states. Coral snakes are rare and are also found in the Southeast.

If one's dog provokes a non-venomous snake, they may strike the dog and leave a small puncture or abrasion. These rarely need any treatment unless they get infected.

If one sees a venomous snake bite one's dog, then this is easy to diagnose. But if the snakebite is not witnessed, then it can get a little trickier. The symptoms will depend both on the amount of the venom delivered in the strike, the size of the dog and also the location of the bite.

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