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Laguna Niguel, CA #woofpost - Jumping up on people when they approach an owner’s dog is one of the most annoying habits that dog owners complain about. This problem is so troublesome that many dog owners have given up trying to stop it.


There are several training techniques owners can use to stop this unwanted behavior. When the doorbell rings or someone knocks, owners should put a leash on their dog so he cannot jump on guests. Owners may need to use a head halter or front-clip harness to ensure they can control him.

The owner should wait until the dog is calm, which may take some time, especially with excitable dogs. When all four of his paws are on the floor and he is calm, only then should the owern allow him to greet guests. If he jumps up, owners should calmly and gently lead him away from guests, wait until he is calm again, then allow him to approach once more.

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