WoofPost.com Publishes Information On Five Common Canine Summer Health Concerns

Beverly Hills, CA - Every dog owner looks forward to the coming of warm weather and with it walks in the woods with their dog, running on trails, swimming and just being outside more with their canine companions.

WoofPost.Com - Five Summer Health Concerns For Your Dog

But with the coming of summer, these common health concerns also make their arrival. Here’s what dog owners need to know: Dehydration - Dogs always need access to fresh clean drinking water, but this is especially important in warm weather. Severe dehydration can lead to weakness, lethargy, difficulty breathing and eventual collapse.

Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke - Dogs, unlike humans, don’t sweat to cool off their bodies. They must rely on panting to dissipate heat. If a dog gets severely overheated, his body temperature could rise to the point where irreversible organ damage and death could occur.

Owners should avoid exercising dogs in the heat of the day and never leave a dog in a car in the summer, even with the window cracked open part way. The interior of a car can heat up to dangerous levels in just minutes.

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