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Laguna Niguel, CA - The day new dog owners bring their puppy home is a day their whole family will remember for a long time. Owners can make this day full of joyful memories by doing a bit of preparation in advance that will make everything go smoothly for both the pup and for their entire family.


Puppies do well at the outset with a definite schedule, especially for potty training and feeding. So it’s more than just one person who will be helping to care for the new dog, the family needs to decide who will be responsible for taking pup to his papers or outside and who will be feeding him and at what intervals.

Also, now is the time to decide as a family what commands to use consistenly to avoid confusing the puppy.

Read the complete guide, New Puppy? How To Get Your House Prepared, including a list of supplies and things to do to prepare a home, at WoofPost.com.

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