WoofPost.Com - Five Things To Consider When Adopting A Rescue Dog

Laguna Niguel, CA - Many dog owners just can’t take anymore of those heart wrenching photos and videos of rescue pups waiting in shelters for their forever homes. So they finally make up their minds to go and get one of these deserving pups.


And while these well meaning people are to be congratulated on their decision, here are five things they should consider:

One – Potential dog owners should take their time. This is hard when a person has made up their mind to adopt. But it’s essential for people who are considering canine adoption to take a bit to consider their decision and take into consideration such things as their living situation, who will be there during the day to take the pup out and who will be responsible for training.

Two – Budget considerations. Potential dog parents should not underestimate how much money it will take to give a dog the care he deserves. Vet bills for microchipping and vaccinations, flea and tick prevention, heart worm test, collar and leash, grooming, food, toys…all these and more add up.

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