WoofPost.Com: Dogs Are Naturally Generous And Love To Share

Laguna Niguel, CA #woofpost - A fascinating study on dogs was published at the end of 2016 in the journal Plos One that clearly demonstrated what is known as prosocial behavior.


This is simply defined as a voluntary action that benefits others and was thought to be a uniquely human trait. This study showed that our canine companions are prosocial creatures as well.

Here’s how the researchers set this up:

The first thing the researchers did was to teach the dogs in the study to touch a token to get a food reward delivered to themselves. After they had mastered that, they were then
trained on two more tokens.

Touching one of these two new tokens meant that a food reward was delivered to a partner dog. When they touched the second of the new tokens, no reward was delivered to the partner dog.

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