Woods and Day: New Offices at Melbourne and Brisbane

October 2021 (Sydney, NSW) - Woods & Day Solicitors specialises in providing One-Stop-Shop debt recovery and debt collections services for businesses in Sydney and now serving both Melbourne and Brisbane. Woods and Day have a strong focus on providing clients with access to a wide range of services, including debt recovery and debt collection. They now specialise in debt collection and commercial litigation for clients across Melbourne and Brisbane.

Typically, the company find that most debtors agree to settle their debt when issued a Letter of Demand from a law firm, as a lawyer's Letter of Demand can be compelling for most debtors. Their process is very straightforward – They give clients an upfront Fixed Fee of $90 (excluding GST) for a Letter of Demand to be drafted on the firm letterhead and sent to the client's debtor. No commission is payable from recovered funds, which means clients can keep everything the company collect. With Debt Collection Brisbane and Melbourne, the clients don't need to engage another third party law firm if their debtor refuses to pay their invoices. 

All of the company's consultation services are available in Brisbane and Melbourne. These include Contracts and Commercial Law, Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Commercial Property & Leasing, Competition Law & Consumer Law, Construction and Property Developments, Contracts and Commercial Law, Debt Recovery Sydney, Immigration Law, Insolvency, Intellectual Property Law, and International Arbitration. 

Also, clients don't need to pay for joining fees or lock-in contracts for debt recovery. They collect all kinds of business debts over $5,000 and under six years old. They also use an online portal with 5 step Letter of Demand anywhere in Australia. Woods and Day can also provide clients with a free initial telephone consultation to discuss the issue of how they can assist.

Their Melbourne office is located at Level 11, 456 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC and Brisbane office is located at Level 10, 95 North Quay, Brisbane, QLD. Clients can still visit their offices amidst the pandemic but making sure that they follow all the safety guidelines given by the government.


For more information about Woods and Day Solicitors, contact the company here:

Woods and Day Solicitors
Peter Woods
(02) 9299 6111
Level 20/6 O'Connell Street, Sydney NSW 2000