Woman Thanks Muse Addiction Treatment Center in Los Angeles for The Love and Compassion She Received There

Los Angeles, CA – It’s never easy to ask for help for substance abuse disorder but it takes a special kind of courage to do so when a person is thousands of miles away from home. That’s exactly what Ashley, a recent patient at Muse Addiction Treatment Center in Los Angeles experienced when she found the help she needed far from her home in North Carolina. Ashley underwent detox and rehab at Muse Treatment and she was so thankful for the care she received there, she left the behavioral health center a 5-star review on Google.

“Being from North Carolina was difficult,” she wrote. “However, [it was] much easier once I felt the love and compassion I received from the staff members. I came in desperate for help, and that is exactly what I was given along with hope, understanding and the tools I needed to overcome my battles.”

Ashley was able to begin her journey to long-term sobriety with a range of therapy options. Muse offers acute detox care and long-term rehabilitation treatment for people struggling with dependence on substances including alcohol, cocaine, heroin, opioids, and more.

Programs include residential and outpatient care, from drug and alcohol detox to long-term aftercare and continuing therapy. Within that framework, the specific treatment is customized for the unique needs of each client. Muse knows that, just as addiction does not set in overnight but is a long-term process, so is sobriety.

Often, that means treating clients for both addiction and mental health disorders. Addiction frequently develops from an underlying emotional or psychological disorder such as depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder. Many people turn to drugs and alcohol in an attempt to self-medicating a more profound condition; if only the addiction is treated without resolving the emotional problem, the dependence is more likely to return.

Muse also believes it’s crucial to show recovering addicts they can still enjoy life without drugs or alcohol. The physical dependence on drugs or alcohol results from changes in brain chemistry, so the connection between taking drugs and feeling good is a hard one to break.

That’s why, in addition to group and individual therapy, Muse offers many opportunities for emotional support. For example, couples who share addiction can take treatment together (while staying in separate, same-sex accommodations). Pets are even allowed.

Muse offers comfortable, home-like surroundings where nourishing and tasty food is served and clients are given opportunities to simply have fun. Staff members are expert professionals in addiction and mental healthcare, but their compassion and caring are what truly make the difference in Muse’s programs. Client testimonials like Ashley’s often focus on the loving, supportive care received from the center’s staff,

“Muse truly felt like home during my stay,” she wrote. “Not only did I get the help that I needed, but I also got to see beautiful landscapes when on outings.”

Ashley went on to encourage others to seek the help they need. “If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, PLEASE reach out to Muse and let them help you on your road to recovery,” she wrote. “Thanks to the staff members, I can enjoy my life again.”

For anyone seeking help with addiction, for themselves or a loved one, call 800-426-1818 to speak with a treatment specialist anytime 24/7 or visit www.musetreatment.com to learn more.


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