Woden Dentist Encourages Community To Get Regular Dental Check Ups

Phillip, ACT based Acacia Dental Group would like to reach out to the wider public to discuss the importance of regular dental check ups as well as the risks associated with oral problems and their links to other diseases.

First and foremost, regular check ups allow dentists to detect early signs of tooth decay, cavities, tartar and plaque. These issues are products of the lack of proper cleaning performed on one's teeth. Dental check ups also give people an opportunity to discover the best treatment or medication to address their condition. In most cases, a fluoride treatment is administered to patients with decaying teeth or large cavities. Dentists also perform teeth cleaning to remove tartar and hard plaque. This is due to the fact that tooth decay is better treated early, as it may develop into worse conditions and lead to serious oral problems.

Meanwhile, gum diseases can easily be treated at an early stage — but they are notoriously difficult for the average person to detect. Visiting a dentist on a regular basis can prevent potential gum diseases, such as swelling and receding gums as well as gum pockets. The early stages of many gum diseases can also be treated with proper oral habits. A dentist can offer insight and guidance on developing these habits.

In addition to the teeth and gums, a dentist performing a regular check up will also go over the overall condition of the patient’s mouth, neck and other parts of the head. In fact, many people have been able to detect oral cancer before manifesting any serious symptoms because their dentists detected tumors and dead tissue inside their mouth. Regular dental check ups play a crucial role in an individual’s overall health as well, especially considering that undetected oral cancer can be fatal for some. Swelling, lumps, deformation and other symptoms may also be manifestations of other underlying health issues that need to be addressed immediately.

Regular dental check ups also help prevent serious health problems and other complications. In fact, gum disease may increase a person’s chances of experiencing heart disease. Bacteria produced by oral infections can travel from the mouth into the bloodstream and eventually block arteries, causing issues with blood flow. This makes a patient more prone to heart attacks, strokes and endocarditis. Some bacteria can also travel into the lungs, which can lead to respiratory infections, pneumonia and other chronic respiratory diseases.

Patients who suffer from diabetes are similarly advised to take extra care with their oral health. Oral complications, especially gum disease, worsen blood sugar levels and impose extreme danger to the health of the patient. Other diseases that are linked to oral and dental problems include pregnancy and fertility complications for women, erectile dysfunction for men, kidney disease, dementia and more.

These are only some of the reasons why Acacia Dental Group emphasizes the importance of choosing a trusted and experienced dental care provider. Fortunately, those who are looking for a trustworthy dentist can count on the team at Acacia Dental Group. Their experienced dentists have decades of experience providing top-quality dental and oral care in Phillip, ACT. Learn more here: Dentist Woden.

Acacia Dental Group advises their community against assuming that their teeth are healthy if they have not received a check up in some time, and this is especially true for those who have no background in dentistry (which happens to be the vast majority of people). This is due to the fact that many are prone to concluding that their teeth are healthy based on a mere visual inspection, such as checking them in a mirror. However, many dental issues cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Acacia Dental Group is a family practice that offers advanced, quality and affordable dental services such as dental implants, orthodontics and CEREC (as well as general dental check ups and teeth cleaning) to the residents of Woden. The practice boasts reliable, experienced and trustworthy dentists with more than 30 years of combined experience in the industry. Acacia Dental Group is committed to providing top-quality, personalized dental services to address their patient’s specific needs. They promise to relieve patients’ pain and discomfort through their quick and efficient services, and they offer free initial consultations for first-time patients.

Those searching for local dental care providers may check out Acacia Dental Group’s website to learn more about their wide range of high-quality dental services. They may also connect with Acacia Dental Group on social media to stay up to date with their news and announcements. Learn more here: Dentists Near Me.


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