Wise Pelican Releases New Templates For Fall Postcards

Tempe, AZ based Wise Pelican is pleased to announce that the new templates for their fall postcards are now available for purchase. These postcards include recipes, designed to help real estate agents easily connect with their clients. Wise Pelican’s new fall postcards can be purchased through the company’s website.

These sophisticated fall-themed postcards feature simple-to-follow recipes that aim to attract the attention of their recipients in an instant. It is particularly useful for real estate agents who wish to quickly capture the interest of potential clients. The good news is that Wise Pelican’s fall postcards can be further customized depending on the agent’s needs and preferences.

As a postcard manufacturer, Wise Pelican caters to the needs of real estate agents and companies that need help distributing postcards to their potential clients. They offer hundreds of customizable templates and also allow agents to create their own postcard designs if they so prefer. The company makes their postcards in 6x9 high gloss heavy stock paper (full-colored on both sides). Wise Pelican also uses the Adobe InDesign software to provide real estate agents with a wide range of high-quality, customizable postcard designs.

Wise Pelican is one of the leading postcard makers for real estate agents. In fact, they have a proprietary tracking system that allows the agent to track postcards as they pass through the USPS system. If the agent is mailing on behalf of someone else, the second party can even have their own login portal to track the status of the postcard delivery.

Those who purchase postcards from Wise Pelican will also get to use the company’s list builder. It allows real estate agents to create mailing lists based on a specified radius around an address (or by drawing a polygon on a map). Alternatively, agents can also upload their own mailing lists and select the addresses that they wish to include in the mailing. They can even save a Do Not Mail list to include addresses that they wish to exclude from their mailing lists. Wise Pelican’s list builder is unique in that it updates alongside the USPS National Change of Address database to ensure that the postcards are getting delivered to the right recipients, even if they have moved out of their home or are on vacation for an extended period.

Another feature that can be found on Wise Pelican’s postcards are pre-built automated seller valuation templates, which have unique links that allow recipients to learn how much their home is worth. Each link is unique to a physical address. When the recipient follows the link, Wise Pelican’s system will capture their email address, and real estate agents will be able to identify the homeowner who is requesting a valuation. This enables agents to connect to homeowners who may want to schedule an in-person valuation for their property.

Finally, many will be pleased to learn that Wise Pelican does not require any minimum order quantity for their postcards. This is beneficial to real estate agents with smaller mailing lists. Along with many of the company’s other policies and offers, this has contributed to their popularity among their customers.

In a 5-Star Google review, a customer says, “We just recently started using Wise Pelican for marketing services and have been thoroughly pleased over the past few months. The website and templates are very easy to use, the products sent are of great quality and they are quick to respond with any help/support needed. We will definitely continue using services from Wise Pelican and highly recommend giving them a try.”

Another customer shares in their Facebook review, “As a marketing manager for realtors, it is unbelievable the impact that these postcards and brochures have on their ability to obtain listings. I would highly recommend them to single agents, and indeed my fellow marketing managers, because of how easy they are to create, and the postcards are absolutely gorgeous!”

Wise Pelican produces professional and sophisticated postcards at an affordable price of 70 cents each, including printing, postage and mailing. The company also accepts large orders of up to 10,000 pieces per month. Real estate agents who are looking for quality postcards may visit Wise Pelican’s website for more details.


For more information about Wise Pelican, contact the company here:

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