Winston Salem Roofing Contractor Reveals 5 Questions that Homeowners Should Ask a Contractor

Grace Roofing LLC, a Winston Salem roofing contractor, has presented five questions that a roofing contractor doesn’t want a homeowner to ask because they could reveal certain weakness or flaws in the service that they provide. Thus, these are questions that a homeowner would need to ask roofing contractors before hiring them. The cost of a roof replacement project is a substantial amount and in North Carolina, with the low-end average cost being more than $6,000, which is certainly not chump change.

Richard Sakowski, owner of Grace Roofing LLC, says, “As a small, family-owned business with 15 years of experience, we’re in a fortunate position. We’re big enough to take on any job: from total commercial roofing installation to replacing a damaged shingle tile. At the same time, we’ve stayed small enough to care about every relationship we build! Offering the best in roofing across Winston-Salem is a responsibility we take seriously. As local homeowners ourselves, we know what works for our unique climate, and how to use first-class roofing solutions to deliver the best. We also know what we’d expect from a Winston Salem roofing company - and our standards are high.”

He continues, “Go ahead and ask the questions your roofing contractor doesn’t want you to ask. Five straightforward questions can be the difference between coping with a high-stress, long-term situation, or enjoying an investment in your home. Every family deserves a strong roof to protect their home, and asking these 5 questions can help you know the roofing contractor secrets and you can take advantage of that knowledge to get a truly reliable roof.”

A key question to ask a roofing contractor is whether they are both insured and licensed. A contractor having liability insurance is essential because it may serve to protect both the client and the property in the event that something goes wrong while the roof repair or replacement is being completed. And being licensed means that the contractor has been verified by the licensing body, which means there would much less chance that the contractor will cheat the client.

Another important question to ask is how the contractor will protect the property while performing the roofing repair or replacement. This is important because it shows if the contractor really cares about the client. Some parts of the property may be affected while the roofing project is being completed, such as the lawn and the guttering. There might be damage to the lawn and landscaping if the contractor is not careful. Equipment such as ladders and their workers may trample on the lawn or cause damage to plants and trees while they are working on the roofing project. And the ladders may also cause damage to the gutters, which is why there is a need to ask the contractor what steps they will take to protect certain parts of the property to minimize the risk of damage.

Another good question to ask is how long will they complete the project. While the length of time to finish a project may vary depending on the type of roof, professional roofing contractors know how to estimate how long it would take. Knowing this will help the homeowner in scheduling other home renovation projects and important occasions, such as parties.

And being in North Carolina where the weather tends to be unpredictable, it is also a good idea to know what the contractor would do in case the weather turns bad unexpectedly. This will show how the contractor will protect the roof while it is still not completed when suddenly there is rain or snow. And finally, it is also important to know who will be the leader of the team who will do the roof repair or replacement.

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