Wildout Animal and Pest Removal Advises Central Floridians Not to Remove Animals

Tampa Bay, Florida. March 17, 2021. Tampa Bay’s own Wildout Animal and Pest Removal has issued an advisory. The company stated that residents of Central Florida should not attempt animal removal themselves. They should call a qualified and well-trained expert for proper removal of the animal causing problems.

“This should always be the case. We know of numerous cases where Central Florida residents have attempted to remove wild animals and other pests from their properties. The problem with this is that animals can cause serious injuries to the person handling or to itself if it isn’t done properly,” said company spokesperson B. Shiver.

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The company always advises people to seek trained professionals. And this is especially true now that the mating season is starting.

In the same statement, Mr. B. Shiver states, “With Central Florida temperatures becoming increasingly warmer, animals become more active and begin looking to mate. When males are looking for a mate, they can become very aggressive.”

The company made it known that even animals that would not otherwise be considered aggressive can and will become aggressive if they feel threatened or provoked. Where most people make a mistake is that they do not think they threatened or provoked the animal. But what matters, said the company in its statement, is what the animal perceives when it is out and about looking for food, a mate, or both.

“If the animal is already nesting and protecting its young, then it can get especially aggressive since the animal goes into protection mode. Even nesting birds can get very aggressive if they feel threatened. Again, it has nothing to do with what someone has done to provoke or threaten the animal. It has to do with the animal and its reaction to the perceived threat or provocation,” added B. Shiver.

Therefore, the company advises, if anyone notices a wild animal in or around their business or home, the company advises not to startle the animal or simply stay inside. Make sure all family members, including the furry kind, are inside and safe.

Then you need to call an expert. But make sure you check the reputation of the expert. The person should be qualified to remove the animal safely and humanely.


Said B. Shiver, “This is where Google is especially important. You can go to any company that has a Google My Business Listing, like the listing of our company, and see what people are saying about the services they received. It is people that we have helped deal with their animal removal issues. They came to us and asked for help. We went out to them and helped with the problem.” Then Mr. Shiver added, “Do your homework, of course. Check the reputation of the company. Above all, do not approach wild animals, especially this time of year. It is simply good practice to leave the work to a professional.”


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