Wildout Animal and Pest Removal Adds Lakeland to Its Family of Service Providers

Lakeland, Florida. Wildout Animal and Pest Removal, a company whose main headquarters is in Tampa Bay, Florida, recently welcomed Lakeland as a new member of its animal removal services. The addition was made in accordance with the company’s policy of providing local animal removal services in the Central Florida region. This is an entirely new division in Lakeland, and the new division will offer emergency, commercial and residential services to the community.

With the new division in place, the aim is to focus on getting to the client as quickly and conveniently as possible. Wildout prides itself in providing local, fast and courteous services to its clients. In turn, its clients have provided lots of positive comments and ratings which can be seen in the company’s reviews in Google.

Image of Wildout Animal and Pest Removal Truck and trapped raccoon

Visit the company’s Google My Business listing here, scroll down and see more than 45 reviews with an average rating of five stars.

The company started the year 2021 with the goal of being closer to the people who require animal removal services in a quick, efficient and polite manner. When an inquiry was made about the company’s expansion, owner B. Shiver stated, “The last thing someone with a critter in the attic or someone who is hearing scratching noises in the walls or attic wants is to have to wait hours for the service provider to arrive.” He continued, “The client is trusting the company by calling. The least we can do is to get the animal out as quickly as possible after the call is made.”

When asked to elaborate, Mr. Shiver added, “We have a forward-thinking approach. The last thing we want is to be just another critter removal company in a long list of service providers. When people have a critter problem, we want to be the ones people think of and call.”

It is with this thinking in mind that the continue is continuing and will continue to expand in Central Florida as well as northward and southward. Added B. Shiver, “We will not sacrifice the service we’re known for in order to expand. We want to ensure that we can provide the type of services we’re known for. We respect our clients and we’re humane to the animals.” Being nearby simply means the services can be provided quicker and more efficiently without risking courtesy.

Now that the company has animal removers in Tampa Bay, Orlando and Lakeland, it can ensure better services. Anyone looking for animal removal services in a quick, efficient, timely, and humane manner in Tampa Bay should call (813) 333-9891, in Orlando call (407) 278-8563, and in Lakeland call (863) 225-0368.


To read more about the company, read the Google reviews, visit the Google My Business listing or do a Google search and visit any of the company’s social media.


For more information about Wildout Animal & Pest Removal, contact the company here:

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