Wildout Animal & Pest Removal Handles Squirrels In The Attic

Wildout Animal & Pest Removal, based in Tampa, Florida, is reaching out to explain why squirrel removal is necessary. The company acknowledges that if one has spent time watching squirrels, one would notice that they are rather adorable. However, they are also keen to highlight that what most do not notice is the damage caused by squirrels to their homes. It is with this in mind that the company has published a blog post on their website, titled ‘The Dangers of Squirrels in and Around Your Home,’ in a bid to educate the community on this issue.

The post explains that, most of the time, squirrels tend to prefer the outdoors. However, the post adds that, “they do love to find places to burrow.” If one starts to see a lot of squirrels around one’s home or is beginning to hear noises in the walls or ceiling, it is possible that one may have a squirrel problem. The fact that squirrels dig, scratch and scurry means it is easy to define a squirrel as an issue. If one is beginning to notice chewed up siding, gutters or trimming around one’s home, chances are high that the damage belongs to one or more squirrels.

While the post acknowledges that squirrels can be fun to watch around the yard, the company explains that one would not want them inside a home because they love to chew on objects. Squirrels have strong and sharp teeth that are capable of chewing small holes in the walls and roof. They can also damage wiring and block places like drains. To quote the post, “They also like to chew on wires, which can cause a fire. In fact, squirrels are to blame for about 30,000 house fires annually.” Wildout Pest removal is capable of handling this problem in the Greater Orlando region, so for those living in this community, their squirrel problem may soon be resolved.

Squirrels can reproduce fast, so if one does not get rid of them, a whole colony will settle in within a matter of months. The post explains that this will develop into, “a lot of noise and a lot of chewing.” On a more serious note, this can also lead to a weakening in the structure of a house’s roof. This would allow water to leak through when it rains, and in turn, cause severe water damage. Too many squirrels can also cause damage to one’s yard. Starting with the trees in the garden, they chew on tree branches and strip the bark from tree limbs. This can reduce the beauty of the trees — and it can also lead to the death of a tree limb or the entire tree.

A major concern of having a squirrel infestation is their ability to spread disease. Typically, a squirrel would not live past four years because they carry many diseases. Squirrels are also carriers for other pests that cause diseases, such as fleas, ringworms and ticks. Having a colony of squirrels around significantly increases the risk of a person or one of their family members contracting a disease. The company is offering their services to the Greater Tampa Bay area in order to help the local community reduce this risk.

Squirrels can destroy plant life very quickly as well because they are constantly searching for a food source. For example, if one has a vegetable garden, one is likely to find a lot of squirrels roaming around. Not only do they eat most of the fruit and vegetables in the garden, but they can also leave pests behind.

Wildout specializes in residential wildlife removal, so their highly trained team can handle a squirrel problem professionally and within a reasonable period of time. The company also handles the removal of other wildlife, such as raccoons, rats, birds, moles, snakes, bees and more. They can also undertake the removal of dead animals.


Cecilia Wise gives the company a 5-Star rating on the Google platform, stating, “Daniel from Wildout just left my house. He was thorough and professional and made an uncomfortable situation very comfortable. He arrived on time, which is very important when you work. I had used them in the past when I had a bat in my chimney. They addressed that situation with the same professional and courteous attitude. Best of all, no bats since! I highly recommend them!”

To learn more about the services offered by Wildout Animal & Pest Removal, one can visit the company’s website. One may also contact them via phone or email for further information.


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