Wildout Animal & Pest Removal Discusses Why Orlando Area Bat Removal is Necessary

Wildout Animal & Pest Removal wants people to know why bats should never be allowed to share their Orlando home and business with them. They advise that this is because not only does having bats living in premises increase the health risks to those inside that home or building, but it also brings with it the possibility of the property owner having to do expensive repairs to that home or structure. This is why those that discover they have a bat problem in their home or business should take concrete steps to get that problem resolved as quickly as possible. More on this subject can be seen here at https://www.wildremoval.com/how-to-get-rid-of-bats/.

The company spokesperson, Brent Shiver, says, “As Halloween fast approaches it’s still a very good time to get rid of bats that have decided that they want to share your Orlando area home or business with you. No, this is not because that on the 31st of October these bats will rise up wearing capes and start wondering about your home but rather co-existing with bats can bring about some very unwanted circumstances. That’s why so many home and business owners in and around Orlando call us for help when they find signs of bat infestation in their home or commercial property. We are among the best in the area when it comes to removing bats and then taking steps to prevent their return.”

According to Shiver, one of the biggest concerns that coexisting with bats brings is the diseases that are often associated with them. One is they are known to carry rabies even though this is not as prevalent as people think. He added though, that even a slight chance of contracting this sometimes-fatal disease is not one that any home or business owner wants to risk. Other diseases are also associated with bat droppings or what is professionally referred to as ‘guano’. This bat waste produces harmful bacteria that can be spread around through the air and by insects or seepage as it builds up in a home or other structure. The company spokesperson says that this guano is also the cause of many expensive home repairs as it accelerates such things as the rotting of wood and the corrosion of metals. He added that bats are also not dwelling or commercial property friendly because of the damage they are known to cause to electrical wiring, plumbing, insulation, and other at-risk materials found in attics and the upper areas of a building.

Shiver also wanted to mention that bat removal is not allowed in the state of Florida year-round. It can only be undertaken from August 15th to April 15th each year. The reason for this is because these scary but mostly solitude seeking critters play a very critical role in the Florida ecosystem and have to be given time to safely breed each year. This was the subject of a recent press release on the company which can be viewed here at https://www.pressadvantage.com/story/37580-wildout-animal-pest-removal-reminds-that-florida-bat-removal-season-opens-august-15th. The company spokesperson stated that this is also the reason why they at Wildout Animal & Pest Removal never exterminate bats but instead humanely remove them and then take steps to prevent their reentry.

The company's bat removal services are also highly rated by those that have chosen to use them. That includes a woman who goes by the alias of MrsSpooky Jones, who says, “I called because a bat got into my house. Cats didn't bring it in, they are not allowed out. They came right out and sealed up all the openings in the roof that would give access to the attic, and installed a valve in case there were any more in the attic - they'd be able to leave but not get back in. Fast, efficient, friendly. Answered all my questions. I highly recommend them for removing wildlife and eliminating their points of entry.” It’s worth noting that the company averages an impressive 5 out of 5-stars on the 46 reviews that have been left on their Google Maps Listing. That Google Maps Listing can be seen here at https://g.page/WildoutRemoval-Orlando?share.


More on this Orlando company’s highly recommended bat, pest, and animal removal services can be seen on their webpage.


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