WifeCoin Positioned for Exponential Growth

Development and Marketing Team Are Full Steam Ahead on Contests, Influencer Acquisition, and Token Utility Platforms

The WifeCoin team today announced the launch of their marketing giveaway with a total prize pool of $30,000, upcoming integration of influencers such as the infamous father of Hip-hop star Drake, Dennis G, and the forward momentum towards utility platform development. This milestone is a major move for WifeCoin on its mission to transcend the stigma surrounding low market cap cryptocurrencies.

“The positive response from the community regarding our vision, the faith in the team, and the work ethic of not only the team members, but the community of the token, is astounding,” says Thomas Bonsall, Co-Founder of WifeCoin. “The future of WifeCoin is definitely bright and with the world economy shifting towards the integration of cryptocurrency into everyday purchases, WifeCoin could find itself involved in a plethora of different features of the average individual’s daily life.”

While WifeCoin is working to bring those ideas to reality, they also want to bring a bright future to the token and to investors. This is why the future of WifeCoin includes a staking platform, merchandise sales, and a token tracking platform. The team at WifeCoin looks forward to the integration of these features and the growth of our active community and token utility.

This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments of the company, including:

· Successful launch of the token

· Breaking the 3 million dollar market cap barrier

· Massive marketing contact expansion and funding

To learn more about WifeCoin, click here: https://www.WifeCoin.Finance.


For more information about WifeCoin, contact the company here:

Thomas Bonsall
Kelowna, BC, Canada