Widdlytinks Talks About Why Personalized Wall Art is So Different from Other Types of Artistic Wall Hangings

Widdlytinks is an online retailer that has created a very special set of decorative wall prints that can be used in a wide variety of ways. This is because many of the company’s offerings can be personalized with such options as a last name, established date, and location. These are very unique when it comes to decorative wall hangings and it adds a special meaning to a room setting when a personalized print adorns its walls. The company’s personalized canvas prints can be found hanging in kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, entranceways, offices, and many other types of room settings for this very reason. This also prompted the spokesperson at Widdlytinks to discuss the many different traits of personalized art prints that make them so desirable to own.

Amy Anderson, a spokesperson for Widdlytinks, says, “We are a company that knew we had a novel idea when we first started offering personalized art prints but even those at our company never realized the creative ways that our customers would make use of these unique canvas wall prints. It almost seems like we get amazed every day with a room setting that a customer has placed one of our personalized prints in or the type of occasion that one of them made an appropriate gift for. We are so thankful for the many photos that our customers share with us and we pledge to continue creating personalized wall art options that brighten up a variety of gift-giving occasions and room settings.”

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The company spokesperson went on to say that one of the first words a newborn baby learns to smile repeatedly to when hearing it is their name. That’s why it’s no secret that people become very fond of their names and it becomes a source of pride when it’s displayed upon a wall. Adding other personalization such as year established and city then opens up a whole other realm of possibilities. Such as someone wanting to keep a personalized wall art print as a family keepsake that’s passed down to other generations. She says this is why their personalized art prints are often given as gifts for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Baptisms, housewarming, weddings, and more. It can also be stated that personalized canvas wall art provides a versatile option to make a big impact on any blank wall. Widdlytinks personalized wall art is also suitable for commercial and residential room settings and is available in all different size prints including large format ones. She even reminded that a personalized art print on canvas personalizes the space it hangs on a wall in and they create a focal point of interest that will beautifully finish off any room.

The company has created a large variety of personalized wall art prints that are found scattered among its Halloween, rustic, modern industrial, vintage-style, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Spring & Easter, and Christian-themed collections. Anderson also gave some examples of the company’s personalized wall art pieces. One of the best sellers of which is their Vintage Farmhouse Homestead Family Sign that will add a subtle touch of vintage farmhouse charm to a room and their Rustic Family Name Established Sign which gives a slightly more modern take on their personalized wall art offerings. She said that other popular personalized wall art options that Widdlytinks offers are the Vintage Supply Co. Family Sign, the Vintage Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast Sign, and the Industrial Farmhouse Personalized Family Homestead Sign.

The company spokesperson also pointed out how their decorative art prints are made to last. This includes the fact that each one comes with pine stretcher bars to prevent its frame from warping and how their prints or only placed on archival-grade polycotton blend canvas that is acid-free to help prevent fading and yellowing over time. Widdlytinks wall art is also 100% USA-made and only is available for sale within the 50 States of America. Free shipping is included with every Widdlytinks purchase and this can be done easily by following a few simple steps on the ordering page of the company website.


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