Widdlytinks New Versatile Established Family Sign Made Complements Several Styles of Room Settings

Widdlytinks has a new canvas wall art print now available. It’s what they call their ‘Industrial Farmhouse Established Family Sign’. It’s one of their most versatile canvas wall art prints ever and the fact that it can be customized only adds to that. This versatility makes it perfect for gift giving to family members, friends, clients, and business associates.

Widdlytinks spokesperson, Amy Anderson, says, “Those of you who are familiar with our canvas wall art prints may be a little bit confused with the title of our Industrial Farmhouse Established Family Sign. That’s because you will know that we have a Modern Industrial collection and another collection called Rustic farmhouse. So why the ‘Industrial Farmhouse’ in the name. That’s because this canvas wall art print offering will go well with so many different room settings, that we didn’t want our customers to limit their room options with it just based on the print category that we put it in. Judging by the way this print is selling to both home and business owners, I would say our customers got that message loud and clear.”

Industrial Farmhouse Established Family Sign Black

Anderson went on to say that there really is a lot to like about this unique wall art print. Starting with its slightly distressed look that takes its appearance to a more vintage and aged look. This unique look helps it look great in home settings and allows it to also crossover into office and business type settings too. She credits this to the creative genius of their award-winning in-house artist that designs all of their unique wall art offerings. As far as customization options go with this wall art print, the purchaser can add their or another family name and also a date that the receiving family was established. Customers will also have the option to purchase it in several different sizes. This includes 16”x12”, 24”x18”, 32”x24”, 40”x30”, 48”x36”, and 60”x45”. The company spokesperson said this is not some massed produced print on cheap canvas either. All of their prints are placed on thick, archival grade, poly-cotton blend canvas that is acid-free and resists yellowing. Pine stretcher bars placed into the frame add to their durability and also prevent them from warping over time. She added that there will be no running to the hardware store before mounting them either as each one comes with an attached sawtooth hanger.

The company spokesperson also talked about how many of their personalized canvas wall art prints offer a versatile option when it comes to making a statement in a room. That’s why they make such excellent gifts and by adding personalization features such as family names, individual names, and a year established, it makes them even more unique and tends to give them keepsake status too. She added that those customers of their who prefer a little more seasonal décor have come to the right place too. That’s because they also offer Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter, and Spring wall art. This is in addition to their more traditional rustic farmhouse wall signs, modern industrial wall signs, vintage-style canvas wall art pieces, and even their Christian-themed wall art. Similar to the way that the above-mentioned Industrial Farmhouse Established Family Sign does, these too are all printed on thick, archival grade, poly-cotton blend canvas and are available in many different sizes. Anderson stated that’s what makes them perfect as a complementary background piece or as the main feature on any blank wall.

Widdlytinks also likes to remind its customers that a custom piece of art printed on canvas will not only personalize their wall space but also will create a unique focal point in the spaces they are placed in that is sure to become a topic of conversation. This is also the reason why so many of their sales come through referrals from other customers. Widdlytinks offers their canvas wall art directly to the public via their website and has free shipping options to all fifty states. All of their prints are also made right in the USA and are only offered for sale there. Anyone interested in learning more about Widdlytinks wall art pieces or placing an order for one can visit their website.


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