Widdlytinks.com Adds Customized Bakery Signs to Their Modern Farmhouse Wall Art Collection

Widdlytinks.com has just announced that they have a new addition to their Modern Farmhouse Wall Art Collection. It’s called their Modern Farmhouse Bakery Sign. They say it’s the perfect complimentary piece for any classic or other style kitchens that need a decorative personal touch. Their farmhouse collection has proven to be very popular and those at the company fully expect this new addition to continue with that trend.

Company spokesperson, Amy Anderson, says, “We love creating the vintage signs that we offer for sale. Part of that effort is trying to make each one unique. Many of our wall art pieces are so versatile that they can go in any room, yet some like this Modern Farmhouse Bakery Sign were designed with decorating more specific types of rooms in mind. We like to have people covered no matter what their preference. As with all of the wall art pieces that we create, there was a lot of thought from both professional artists and others that went into our Modern Farmhouse Bakery Signs. They have already proven to be a popular seller and we could not be more pleased how it turned out.”

modern farmhouse bakery sign wall art

Anderson says this piece is more versatile than one might think too. She says that’s because although it was designed to be placed in a kitchen, it will also complement the looks of such places as a barbeque deck or a classically themed outdoor living space with a kitchen. The company spokesperson added that what sets their Modern Farmhouse Wall Art Collection like their farmhouse bakery signs apart from others is the fact that can be completely customized. Each person can add their family surname to the sign and choose the year established that’s printed on the sign too. Whoever does the ordering can also choose another name that has significance for the family or the name of a friend or loved one that’s it’s being presented to as a gift.

According to Anderson, there are other choices besides just the name and established date that a customer can choose too. She says that this art piece also comes in several different size prints. That includes prints as small as 20”x10” and as large as 60”x30” and there are six different sizes in all to choose from. The company spokesperson added that these are not printed on poor quality paper either. All of them are printed on thick, archival grade, poly-cotton blend canvas like any type of expensive art piece that one can buy. She says they are purposely made to look distressed too in order to give them their classic aged look. Anderson mentioned the canvas is PH neutral and acid-free so it will not yellow over time. The side edges are also nicely finished in black. These pieces of wall art will arrive ready to be hung and look great with or without a frame. According to the spokesperson, other nice features of this print include the fact that each mounting frame has pine stretcher bars to ensure that it will not warp or bow over time.


Anderson added that many people like to order more than one piece from their Modern Farmhouse Wall Art Collection at a time. She says that other popular choices in this collection include their Vintage Farmhouse Personalized Bed & Breakfast Signs. The company spokesperson mentioned that these look so authentic that many actual bed and breakfast owners order them. There is also the Vintage Farmhouse Apiaries Honey Sign with Family Name and the trendy Rustic Antiques & Collectibles Sign. Anderson went on to say that for those who are not interested in their Farmhouse Vintage Art, they can also choose from their Modern Industrial Sign Collection and their wide variety of seasonal and holiday sign offerings. She added that Widdlytinks.com offers a very well-rounded experience for those shop with them too. That includes free shipping and very fast turnaround times for their 100% made in USA products.


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Amy Anderson