Wichita Tree Service Pros is Offering Emergency Tree Services in the City’s Suburbs

Wichita, Kansas – After years of handling emergency tree removals in Wichita alone, Wichita Tree Service Pros has finally decided to make its emergency services accessible to homeowners in neighborhoods like Bel Aire, Derby, North Newton, Valley Center, Goddard, and Kechi.

“Tree emergencies affect people in the suburbs as much as they affect the individuals within this city’s boundaries,” said the company’s CEO. “Just like a homeowner in Wichita may be woken up in the middle of the night by a tree cracking, someone in a suburb like Derby may be woken up by a similar occurrence. Both homeowners – irrespective of where they live – will always want the fastest response to their emergency tree service request.”

Wichita tree service pros

Wichita Tree Service Pros notes that its emergency tree service team will be arriving at the emergency sites in the suburbs in less than an hour. The company reportedly plans to hold the same response standards for property owners inside Wichita and those in the suburbs.

According to the Wichita Tree Service Pros CEO, the homeowners in the suburbs can call at any time of the day or night to request the emergency tree service. The company reports that its emergency tree service team will be operating on a 24/7 basis.

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“It is impossible to control when tree emergencies appear on landscapes,” said the Wichita Tree Service Pros CEO. “Someone in North Newton may go to sleep knowing that all his trees are safe. However, a storm may destabilize the trees in the middle of the night, leaving them relying on utilities for stability. To keep these trees from causing too much damage to the utilities, the company’s emergency response team will be traveling through the night to handle the emergency tree removal.”

Wichita Tree Service Pros notes that its emergency response team is already equipped with modern tree service tools. These tools range from cranes and bucket trucks to power cutting tools and safety gear.

“When removing a tree that is leaning dangerously over a house or a utility,” said the Wichita Tree Service Pros CEO, “the company will use the crane to keep the tree from snapping unexpectedly and causing property damages worth thousands of dollars.”

The CEO noted that when the company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Wichita has to handle tree pruning before removing a risky tree, the bucket truck will make it easier for the team to reach the tree crown without destabilizing the tree.

“The safety tools will keep the company’s team of qualified professionals safe during risky procedures,” added the company’s CEO,. "After all, if the team is injured during emergency procedures, chances are, they will stop working on the trees before restoring safety – this will put the property owner at the risk of property damage.”

Wichita Tree Service Pros is a company that has been offering professional tree services in Wichita for more than 25 years. Reporters were curious to know why the company waited too long before expanding its emergency tree service to property owners in the suburbs.

“Tree emergencies are very time-sensitive,” said the Wichita Tree Service Pros CEO. “Wichita Tree Service Pros has always avoided handling these services outside Wichita because the emergency team thought that they would keep property owners waiting for too long – this would give the trees enough time to drop on utilities and cause damage.”

The CEO noted that for the past 6 years, however, the number of residents calling the Wichita Tree Service Pros offices to request emergency tree services has been growing. The growing number of requests forced the company to open an emergency response site that is centrally located – the new site will make it much easier for the company to arrive at all emergency sites – inside and outside Wichita – in less than one hour.

Wichita Tree Service Pros headquarter is located at 7227 W Harry St, Wichita, KS 67209, United States. The company, however, can be contacted via +1 316-799-3555 and sales@treeserviceswichita.com.


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