Why People Are Buying Up 3x5 American Flags from Star Spangled Flags

American flag sales have been skyrocketing all over the country. Many manufacturers are selling out as fast as they can produce them, especially in smaller, more commonly used sizes. One company, Star Spangled Flags, says that their 3x5 flags are being bought up all throughout the country as fast as they can make them available. This has been happening despite the labor decrease during recent years and other factors such as inflation and shipping issues. People are excited to show their patriotism and proudly fly the American flag.

Customers tell Star Spangled Flags, the main reason for the high demand for their flags is that Star Spangled Flags' 3x5 American flags are 100% guaranteed, made in the United States from start to finish. The quality and durability of the flags, including their ability to withstand all kinds of weather, have been proven through the careful choice of the materials used, the sewing, the packaging, and the shipping. More about this can be seen at https://starspangledflags.com/flag/nylon-american/.

Star Spangled Flags

It is important to note that 3’ by 5’ is the typical size for a flag used at home, which explains the high demand for this particular size. However, it is not the only reason for people preferring Star Spangled Flags products. This is because they only use materials made in the USA and the sewing is also ensured to be done in the country. It is not just a matter of American pride to have the flag fully made in the United States, but it also reinforces the commitment to quality and durability.

These rare qualities have been attested by customers who have left five star reviews. For instance, Buddy G. has given them a five star rating and said, “The flag is made just for what I need ... Love the flags and the quality. Thank you.” In another five star review, Hope S. said, “It was an easy transaction and shipping was swift. Now the colors are flying right, right outside my door. No tangles, no hang-ups. Just effortless waves.”

There are a number of distinguishing factors that make these 3x5 American flags stand out among the competition. First of all, it is an all weather flag that is fabricated using only materials that are sourced and combined in the US. A Made in USA authentication label is therefore attached to every flag. Second, it has been expertly made using heavyweight denier nylon. Its bright white stars have been embroidered utilizing a densely filled thread count. Third, its red and white nylon stripes are sewn using two rows of stitching per seam using lock stitches. Those who are interested in ordering can click here. The fly end has four rows of lock stitching. Fourth, the nylon fabric used has been proven to be tough and long lasting, and it has been particularly designed for all weather outdoor use, although it can also be displayed beautifully indoors. And finally, these flags make perfect gifts for friends, family, and neighbors.

These flags can be used as a banner flag or replacement flag for poles using its strong brass grommets. And it should be noted that each American flag from Star Spangled Flags comes with a guarantee. This means that if a customer is not satisfied, it can be returned for a refund.

Star Spangled Flags have decided to avoid using cheap material or labor from China as a way not just to ensure the quality of their products but also to drive home the message that an American flag should be made in the USA despite the extra costs that may come with it. And from their quadruple stitching on the fly end, to their water-resistent, heavy-duty nylon material, to their thick brass grommets, they've spared no expenses in ensuring that the United States flags they have available are proudly American and are durable enough to withstand all kinds of weather.

Those who are interested in learning more about the American flags being offered can check out the Star Spangled Flags website. Their flags are also available on Amazon.


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