Why DIY Tree Removal is Dangerous According to Emondage Saint-Sauveur

Quebec, Canada-based Emondage Saint-Sauveur is an experienced tree removal service in Saint-Sauveur. Mr. Cavalier spoke to a reporter about the dangers of DIY tree removal for residents.

Cavalier said, "Homeowners may be looking out their window at a tree and thinking it is time to remove it. While cutting the tree down seems simple, it is complex. It needs a lot of background knowledge and experience to do it properly and safely. Cutting that tree is not as simple as cutting it at the base and falling to the ground. Property owners need to consider many things and risk factors with DIY tree felling. I urge residence to not take the risk of do-it-yourself tree removal as it causes a lot more problems than what they can solve."

He went on to say that before landowners grab a chainsaw to head up a tree, there are many reasons why it is left to the professionals. Many residents think it is straightforward but involve many dangers that can lead to severe accidents if they do not have the expertise. When our team of arborists does tree removal, we use ladders to remove the limbs. Further, climbing the tree with a chainsaw in hand is dangerous for several reasons. Homeowners can lose control of their balance and the chainsaw while on the ladder, causing injury.

Even placing a ladder on uneven ground or misusing the ladder causes problems. Our crew knows the proper height if it needs to extend at least three feet past the branch. The fact is that huge branches can over-leverage people rising above the ladder, and when cutting the limb, it pulls the person off the ladder. Emondage Saint-Sauveur reminds residents that they need the right tools, from axes, chainsaws, to pruners to get the job done. Using dull equipment can cause severe accidents. Without the proper safety gear, people are more at risk of getting injured.

The business owner said, "When residents cut trees, they need to wear harnesses, safety glasses, a hard hat, and chainsaw pants to protect the legs. But the amount of money to spend to get the right equipment they can save on hiring a professional tree removal such as them to do the work. Also, using a chainsaw safely to cut down a tree takes years of practice and needs to consider the tree's angles. Trained arborists take the weight distribution and insertion of the bar into consideration. Finally, residents need to be able to control the tool, or they risk of cutting themselves."

Emondage Saint-Sauveur went on to say that the tree removal team has years of training with knowledge to do the job. They know the biology and physics of the tree that could lead to accidents. For example, cutting down tree limbs in heavy sections makes it difficult for someone to control equipment risking damage to themselves and the tree. Instead, the crew makes precise calculations from the tree's height and angle to determine where to cut to make the tree fall safely.

The company mentioned that gravity plays a significant role when cutting tree limbs. It needs cutting correctly to prevent damage to the property. Limbs falling are unpredictable as the weight of the tree and branches are deceiving. To get the branches safely to the ground, they use pulley systems to lower them. These are only a few concerns we at Emondage Saint-Sauveur have with clients wanting to go the DIY tree removal route. The company recommends calling in a pro to do the hard work instead.

For residents in Saint-Sauveur and the surrounding areas in need of a tree removal service, they can head over to the company’s website here: www.emondagesaint-sauveur.com/abattre-un-arbre.html


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