Whitestar Group: Private Investigator Services Available For Law Firms In Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa, California based Whitestar Group is pleased to reach out to their local community to share information about their civil investigations services. Whitestar Group of Santa Rosa is a Bay-Area based investigation and security firm that services public and private sector clients throughout Northern California.

Mark Adams, CEO and founder of Whitestar Group, says, “Whitestar Group has proven itself as one of California’s best investigation companies, and that is because we are composed primarily of former law enforcement officers who have further refined their skills for the private sector. This means that we are highly capable of providing premier services for anyone who needs investigations done in Santa Rosa and the surrounding areas. Whether you are a legal professional looking to clear up something about a case or whether you are an executive who needs a workplace investigation done, you can trust Whitestar Group to help you.”

Whitestar Group private investigator in Santa Rosa

With a team of law enforcement experts, Whitestar Group is able to provide law firms and attorneys with powerful, actionable information through civil investigations. The company’s investigations can and have proven effective in cases of personal injury cases, product liability, civil suits, divorce proceedings involving child custody (delete cases), and more. Additionally, Whitestar Group also provides other highly sought-after services for law firms, such as person locates and asset searches. Whitestar Group facilitates access to all of their resources and required personnel when hired to contribute on legal cases. From the beginning of a potential case or lawsuit to the verdict, Whitestar investigators will gather pertinent facts crucial to a favorable outcome in the courtroom.

Whitestar Group wields a team of passionate, committed individuals who are well trained in investigative services. The company’s staff members have the resources and expertise to provide thorough and reliable investigative services not just to law firms, but also insurance companies, corporations, financial institutions, and employers throughout the state. The company assures that their experienced civil investigator and private investigator teams are experts in finding people who do not want to be found.

Adams says, “In today’s world, information is power. The right information is an immensely valuable asset to many of our clients, which is why we employ a thoroughly vetted team of veterans in the industry who are able to zero in on the exact information our clients need. Additionally, we have developed a network of relationships with like-minded firms throughout the US and several European countries. This means that, while we are based out of Santa Rosa, our investigators are able to accommodate any request and guarantee the highest level of service available in the industry.”

Whitestar Group is intent on being more than just one of the best names in private investigation in Santa Rosa and the surrounding areas. The company aims to provide clients with an unmatched level of customer support. Adams says, “Every single one of our team is dedicated to providing you with confidence and peace of mind. We are here to take the burden off you — and make every effort to ensure you gain the information you need. Feel free to get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation for civil investigations in Santa Rosa.”

Whitestar Group’s commitment to their clients, not just in providing high quality investigation services, but also maintaining excellent customer service, has earned the company great praise on numerous occasions. In a review highlighted by the company, Bryan Fikes writes, “Mark Adams and his team are top notch. We’ve used him several times throughout the years for workplace investigations. You want the best? Hire Whitestar Group.”

In another review, Jeffrey Kaloustian writes, “Whitestar Group is a top-notch private investigation firm. Mark and his team are 110% professional, detail-oriented, and they deliver results. I have been very pleased to work with Whitestar Group on multiple cases and will look to them first for all of my private investigation needs. I highly, highly recommend their services!”

Those who require the assistance of a private investigator in Santa Rosa or are interested in learning more about the full range of services offered by Whitestar Group should visit the company’s website for more information. Mark Adams encourages interested parties to get in touch with an agent of the company directly via phone or email. Whitestar Group also maintains a social media presence and can be found on Facebook.


For more information about Whitestar Group, contact the company here:

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