WhiteSands Sober Living Program Helps Tampa Man Successfully Navigate Life Post Rehab

Tampa, FL - Completing a residential addiction treatment program is a huge accomplishment. But the period of early recovery when a person first leaves the insulated world of an alcohol and drug rehab center can be the next big challenge on the road to long-term recovery.

Both the potential for relapse as well as the consequences of relapse can be especially high just after leaving inpatient treatment. The best addiction treatment centers ensure their patients leave residential treatment equipped with all the tools they’ll need to transition with confidence. They also continue to provide robust comprehensive support at every stage of recovery, long after inpatient rehab is over.WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab is an addiction treatment center that provides inpatient care in Tampa and Fort Myers and outpatient treatment at 19 other locations across Florida. They were founded on the goal of elevating the standard of care in addiction treatment and giving patients all the resources required to have the best possible chance of sustaining long-term sobriety.

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One of the ways WhiteSands espouses its philosophy is by providing safe and comfortable sober living options for patients transitioning from inpatient to outpatient care. Some patients departing inpatient treatment have a supportive home environment to return to that’s conducive to sobriety. Others don’t have that kind of support in place and require housing assistance. Some patients have housing but choose to take advantage of sober living because it provides transitional support that’s a helpful step between the structured environment of rehab and the freedom of living on one’s own. No matter what the reason, for patients who need housing support after treatment, sober living helps to ensure they have the support they need as they transition from one stage of recovery to the next.

Ken, a recent WhiteSands alumnus sought treatment at the addiction treatment center’s Hyde Park Tampa location. He left the rehab center a five-star review on Google in which he expressed how much he benefited from the support provided just after leaving inpatient rehab.

“I started out at their main facility in Plant City and transitioned down to Hyde Park for sober living and IOP. Doing outpatient and sober living at Hyde Park allows me to use all the tools I learned as well as provided structure in a beautiful location,” Ken said.

Sober living at WhiteSands provides a structured environment where patients can continue to attend treatment and receive the support they need while learning how to navigate everyday life. During this phase of recovery, WhiteSands offers support with finding employment, providing one on one and group therapy sessions, supporting robust relapse prevention strategies laid out in patients’ aftercare plans, being available 24/7 for support and assistance.

The gradual and supportive transition has proven to help patients succeed through the adjustment period between a treatment environment and daily life. For Ken, the comprehensive support he received from WhiteSands at every stage of his recovery journey was just what he needed. He concluded his review by saying, “Amazing place that saved my life. Thank you White Sands for giving me my life back.”

For those who are struggling with addiction, reach out to WhiteSands for help. They can be reached anytime 24/7 at 877.969.1993 You can also find them online at www.whitesandstreatment.com



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