WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Orlando Earns 5 Star Review, Client Says WhiteSands Truly Saved Her

Matty an Orlando Florida resident knew she had hit rock bottom when she reached out to WhiteSands for help. Her addiction was spiraling out of control and she was losing friends, disappointing her family, and putting her life in danger on a daily basis. Matty found the effective help she needed at WhiteSands. After completing the program, she left the alcohol and drug rehab center a five-star review on Google. In it she said,“WhiteSands has truly saved me and restored me to sobriety,” says Matty. “I was a complete lost soul when I first came to WhiteSands and I have found myself again,” she said. WhiteSands Orlando works to rehabilitate patients and teach them how to manage their addiction effectively. This allows patients to leave treatment with all the tools and resources necessary to lead a productive and fulfilling life. When patients have coping skills and a strong support network to rely on in times of temptation it can mean the difference between relapse and staying sober.

WhiteSands provides all levels of care for addiction treatment. “I have transferred from inpatient in Plant City to outpatient in Kissimmee. All of the staff have been so wonderful and kind,” Matty said. WhiteSands’ goal is to ease patients into each level of care when they’re ready. When patients feel a sense of relaxation and stability, they’re much more receptive to treatment and achieve better outcomes. Patients who feel confident in their recovery are more likely to experience long-lasting recovery.

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WhiteSands Orlando offers strong support in the form of outpatient treatment, sober living homes, and aftercare for patients who have been discharged from inpatient residential treatment. The facility is dedicated to ensuring clients stay on track in their recovery by remaining in close communication with them for up to a year post-discharge. The most critical time in early recovery is the period immediately following discharge from inpatient treatment. WhiteSands ensures clients are attending support groups, working closely with a primary therapist, and receiving outpatient treatment so they have the structure and guidance they need and know where to turn to in times of uncertainty.

“My therapists Thomas and Doris always have the answers I need and have been amazing at helping keep me motivated to live a successful, happy, healthy, and sober life. The best rehab in Florida,” said Matty. For anyone struggling with addiction, WhiteSands’ admissions specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to take calls and answer questions. Call (877) 640-7820 or go to www.whitesandstreatment.com to learn more.


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