White Sands Addiction Treatment Center Helps Orlando Man Return To A Joyful Sober Life Prompting Him To Leave The Alcohol And Drug Rehab A 5 Star Google Review

Orlando, FL - Before going to rehab, Scott was struggling with an addiction that was taking control of his life. Fortunately, he found the help he needed at WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Plant City, FL, and is now celebrating his sobriety. He recently left the addiction treatment center a 5-star review on google.

“They understand, and help us understand, that addiction is a disease that requires medical, physical, mental and spiritual treatment for a successful recovery and provide all the resources needed to allow me to return to a joyful, sober and clean life,” Scott said.

whitesands alcohol & rehab in florida

WhiteSands in Orlando FL operates a large network of inpatient and outpatient alcohol and drug rehab centers across the state of Florida, including in Orlando. The treatment center offers a personalized approach to addiction recovery taking into account all factors that lead a person to substance abuse and addiction. Their unique approach to rehab considers whether a person has a family history of addiction, whether any underlying mental health disorders are present, whether the patient has been to rehab before, and any underlying issues, traumas, or other life circumstances that may be at the root of a person’s addiction.

Scott said, “Although we all have the same disease, they treat us as individuals with unique needs and circumstances,” a testament to WhiteSands’ commitment to providing customized treatment for everyone who walks through their doors.

Addiction treatment at WhiteSands is comprehensive and all-inclusive. Their individualized treatment can include dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Moral Recognition Therapy (MRT), family therapy, one-on-one sessions with a primary therapist, small-group therapy, 12-step programs, and medication-assisted treatment (MAT).

WhiteSands also provides a wide range of holistic therapies to help support people’s long term success in recovery. These therapies include massage, chiropractic care, art therapy, and personal training. The addiction treatment center even offers a state of the art gym and boxing facility where patients can get training from professional boxers. The boxing program is a favorite among many patients who report that the emotional release of boxing played a crucial role in their ability to stay clean and sober.

WhiteSands is led by the philosophy that a comfortable guest makes for a successful patient, eschewing the old idea that rehab should be an austere place where one is totally disconnected from the outside world. At WhiteSands, each patient resides in their own private room (with a private bathroom too) which looks and feels like a luxury hotel room. Patients are also allowed to use personal cell phones and laptops in their rooms because it’s understood that people want to remain in touch with their families during their time in rehab.

Another key component of the success of patients like Scott is the strong ongoing support WhiteSands is able to provide through outpatient treatment, aftercare, relapse prevention, and alumni programs. With outpatient treatment centers in more than 19 cities and towns across Florida, WhiteSands aims to make long-term addiction support easily accessible to everyone in the state. Having a reliable and supportive community of individuals going through a similar journey can make all the difference in people finding lasting recovery.

Addiction is a disease that requires professional medical treatment, just like any other disease. If someone is struggling with the disease of addiction, contact WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab any time day or night to learn how they can help one make a full recovery. Call (877) 970-7411 today.



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