White Duck Outdoors Uses BCI Cotton for Canvas-Based Products

Not all brands are involved in taking on sustainable initiatives that prove beneficial not only for their customers but also for the environment and raw-material producers. While responsible manufacturing processes seem to be a trend, companies that legitimately invest in them are few and far between. White Duck Outdoors Inc., however, is becoming an exception here through its White Duck Cares initiative, which covers its sourcing practices, material selection and customer experience.

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States: White Duck Outdoors is already admired for its heavy duty, army duck cotton canvas wall tents and other outdoor gear. Now, they’re also being venerated for their use of cotton by the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) as the primary tent material.

White Duck Outdoors Uses BCI Cotton for Canvas-Based Products

White Duck Outdoors has full faith in BCI, as it regulates the cotton farming value chain to the highest accountable and ethical standards. BCI is the world’s biggest cotton sustainability program for enhancing global cotton production for those who produce it and the environment in which cotton grows.

To accomplish this goal, the program effectively brings together stakeholders such as farmers, traders, retailers, manufacturers, spinners, mills, civil society, and organizations to form a unique community.

This community of stakeholders belonging to the different stages of the cotton supply chain is committed to promoting measurable and ongoing improvements for the farmers, environment, and the economies of cotton-cultivating lands.

According to the BCI, it has four aims: minimizing the cotton production’s environmental impact, improving economic development in cotton-cultivating areas, enhancing the flow of better cotton throughout the supply chain, and ensuring the BCI's credibility and sustainability. This is perhaps what might have persuaded White Duck Outdoors to choose BCI cotton; a dire commitment to ensuring that all members of the supply chain are adequately looked after.

According to a spokesperson, “Due to such comprehensively beneficial BCI goals, at White Duck Outdoors we feel proud to use BCI cotton in the manufacture of our tents and accessories. One of our goals is also to take care of customers, the environment, and the stakeholders. It is our responsibility to promote the use of natural cotton. Ensuring our products are manufactured with BCI cotton is our way of giving back to our entire community, something our customers can feel good about as well.”

The brand is providing tents made up of virgin cotton canvas. All the yarns used in the production are BCI-certified.

About White Duck Outdoors

White Duck Outdoors Inc. is one of the eminent sellers of advanced, top-quality outdoor essentials for different outdoor activities, including camping, glamping, hunting and extended stays in nature. While it offers a variety of products, the brand specializes in offering cotton canvas tents and accessories, bags, canvas and poly tarps and is rapidly expanding its product line. The team at White Duck Outdoors consists of avid explorers, so customers can be sure the products come from a place of understanding. For more information, visit https://whiteduckoutdoors.com/.


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