White Duck Outdoors Provides Canvas Tent Add-ons at No Additional Costs to Encourage Outdoor Travel

White Duck Outdoors provides high-quality, premium canvas products for the outdoors. This includes canvas tents, tarps & covers, bags, firewood carriers and more. What truly sets the brand apart is the way they go above and beyond with the functionality and add-ons they offer on all their tents, at no added cost.

Salt Lake City, Utah, the United States: White Duck Outdoors has, of late, been expanding partnerships with different types of businesses globally due to their unique canvas tent offerings. This includes growing their business to business segment with customers like schools, non-profit organizations and glamping businesses.


White Duck Outdoors also offers partnerships to retailers, dropshipping companies, affiliates and wholesalers. With outdoor trips becoming a growing segment in the US, White Duck Outdoors presents partners with an opportunity to grow and scale their operations.

Not only does the company have a complete range of canvas tents, these tents also offer add-ons at no additional cost. For example, canvas tents in the Alpha Wall Tent series from White Duck Outdoors are always equipped with a stove jack, windows, bug mesh, doors, poles and a groundsheet.

Whereas most other brands require that customers incur an additional charge for these add-ons, White Duck Outdoors has identified these features as necessary to outdoor trips.

Wall tents are available in six sizes, bell tents in two models and multiple sizes, and cabin tents in three sizes and varying models as well. It is this diversity of options that allow the tents to be used for numerous use cases.

Tents can be set up and used out of the box. There is no need for separate purchases unless customers want something special in particular. Frames are included with the purchase, as well as angle kits and tool kits. Even the mallets are included.

White Duck Outdoors also offers free shipping without minimums on all products, free returns and their famous White Duck Warranty, which offers a lifetime warranty in the event of manufacturing defects.

About White Duck Outdoors:

White Duck Outdoors manufactures and delivers a premium line of canvas-based products for the outdoors. The company prides itself on going above and beyond not just in terms of product quality, but also with their unique-in-the-industry customer support.

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