White Duck Outdoors is Changing the Outdoor Market Landscape

While big tech companies and brands are moving to major cities with crowded populations, people seem to be drawn away from wilderness and from an outdoor lifestyle. White Duck Outdoors Inc., through their diverse products and sustainability initiatives, are transforming the way the outdoor industry approaches camping, glamping and hunting.

Salt Lake City, Utah, The United States: According to a recent study, 16% of the respondents had never spent time outside doing things like hiking or visiting a park; work was cited as the main reason that people could not get away to be outside in nature. At the same time, it is important to remember the significance of connecting with nature and disconnecting from the consistent stimulation from work life and media. Visit https://whiteduckoutdoors.com/collections/wall-tents for more information.


Camping decreases stress, increases creativity and general happiness - but requires preparation and good choices in what to bring along, and a low barrier to entry can be helpful in doing so. The market shows this, as glamorous camping (or glamping) was valued at over $2 billion in 2018, and is expected to double in size by 2026.

Traditionally, the camping industry has been dominated by consumption-driven and capitalistic practices of cheaply manufactured tents that people are quick to dispose of, environmentally harmful production processes and applications of chemicals that affect the natural habitats people love to spend time in.

An organic, attractive, functional and durable option is a tent built from army duck cotton canvas. Duck canvas, derived from the dutch word “doek” is a stronger tightly woven cotton canvas made to endure strong winds, tougher weather and be durable in the long run - and by double weaving this canvas for tents, it becomes extremely long-lasting and reliable. This is precisely what White Duck Outdoors has been doing and why they are growing in the camping and glamping industry.In an effort to support the outdoor industry while remaining sustainable by steering clear of synthetic fibers and chemical processing, White Duck Outdoors has taken a vow to use only the United Nations Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) and remain PFC free.

This United Nation mission is not even near an industry standard, as most manufacturers choose to ignore it. As a matter of fact, only 14% of the world's entire cotton production is BCI-verified.
PFCs, on the other hand, are perfluorinated compounds that cause harm in both the short and long run. These chemicals add synthetic nature to tents, but more importantly can have very dangerous and lingering effects on individuals. PFCs not only reduce breathability in the tent, they increase the risk of cancer and other diseases for occupants in the tents.

To ensure the camping, glamping or hunting experience is as enjoyable as possible, White Duck Outdoors’ tents are rot proof, mold and mildew protected, and naturally biodegradable to ensure longevity and responsibility.

Keeping in mind this vision to protect the environment and provide as pleasurable an experience for customers, decades of experience in the outdoors have dictated the creativity that has resulted in such functional, versatile and easy to use canvas tents and other products.

All products are prototyped, designed professionally and rigorously tested. White Duck Outdoors also always includes otherwise optional add-ons in tents, like stove jacks, windows, pockets, and more. In line with this customer-first mindset, the company also offers free shipping, free returns, a generous warranty and financing on tent purchases.

Owing to their success serving the US market from warehouses in Salt Lake City, UT and Knoxville, TN, the White Duck Outdoors team and operations are rapidly expanding globally.



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