Whiplash Chiropractor in Arlington, VA Explains Most Effective Whiplash Treatment for Car Accident Victims

Arlington-based Jefferson Spine and Injury Center is a whiplash injury chiropractor that explains the most effective treatment for soft tissue injury. The VA whiplash treatment clinic states that a soft tissue injury is the most common after-effect of a low impact rear-end car accident collision. Whiplash results from a “rapid acceleration or deceleration resulting in a snapping of the neck back and forth,” causing the spine to travel beyond its normal limits. The blog post explains that the best whiplash chiropractor in Arlington, VA, is aware of the signs and symptoms of low-impact rear-end collision accident injuries, which may tear muscles and ligament and cause spinal discs to bulge, tear, or rupture.

Jefferson Spine and Injury Center is a professional clinic specializing in whiplash injury treatment in Arlington, Va that begins the treatment course with evaluating the victim’s injuries. “Unlike many clinics, we accept ALL 3rd party insurance claims. That means our doctors can directly bill the at-fault party's insurance company. This way, you can focus entirely on your treatment and getting back to 100% health. Let us deal with the insurance companies and medical billing!”

Whiplash Doctor in Arlington, VA

The doctor highlights that the most common symptoms of a whiplash injury, which may not be apparent immediately after the auto accident, and occur within 24-48 hours. In some cases, Jefferson Spine and Injury states, it may take weeks or months after the accident for whiplash injury symptoms to show up.

Some of the common causes of whiplash include slip and fall, physical abuse, sports injuries, and neck trauma. Among these, the blog post identifies auto accidents, especially rear-end collisions, as the leading cause of whiplash injury in Arlington, VA, which may cause long-term pain and aches.

The Virginia accident doctor stresses the need for undergoing exceptional and effective care at a whiplash injury treatment specialty, such as Jefferson Spine and Injury Center. The Arlington, VA, whiplash treatment facility offers the best treatment procedures to provide long-term relief for victims of auto accidents. The focus of treatment at the Virginia auto accident clinic is on treating the site and physical rehabilitation to ensure permanent relief from pain and suffering. This includes massage therapy, physical rehabilitation, spinal traction, and supervised stretching and strengthening exercises.

The whiplash chiropractor cautions victims of rear-end collisions in Arlington not to ignore hidden signs of whiplash after an auto accident, claiming, warning “if you are not currently in pain, there nevertheless may be underlying and hidden damage to your spinal column. This may not manifest itself as a serious impairment of bodily function for months or even years.”

One of the happy patients has some words of praise for the staff at Jefferson Spine and Injury Center, saying they are “supportive, and professional. My work requires the use of the computer for long periods of time during the day. Dr. Holcombe‘s chiropractic treatment improves my neck’s, and shoulders muscle tension; increases relaxation and posture improvement."

Anybody seeking immediate and long-term relief from whiplash auto accident injury in Arlington, VA, should get a free whiplash injury evaluation at the Jefferson Spine and Injury Center.


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