When Looking for the Best Rhinoplasty, People May Want to Try The Rhinoplasty Center

The Rhinoplasty Center, based in Newport Beach, California, has revealed with pride that they can offer one of the leading rhinoplasty services because their plastic surgeon and rhinoplasty specialist, Dr. Aaron Kosins, is an innovator and makes use of cutting-edge techniques. Some of the major contributions of Dr. Kosins to the field of rhinoplasty include the treatment for the Plunging Tip, which is a nose that plunges and becomes wider when the person smiles. He has also provided lectures on the anatomy and the treatment for the nasal bridge. He has also conducted research on the use of ultrasound in nasal surgery.

Dr. Kosins says, “It is important to understand that the average plastic surgeon in the United States performs less than a half dozen nasal surgeries per year. We believe that we are able to offer superior results to patients of every ethnicity because hundreds of operations are performed every year on patients from all over the world. This sets The Rhinoplasty Center apart as the best locale for rhinoplasty in Newport Beach. Specializing in rhinoplasty is something that less than 1percent of plastic surgeons do. Being a specialist means not only dedicating your practice to excellence in a particular operation, but also being a pioneer, teacher and continuous student of nasal surgery.”

Dr. Kosins continues to publish books, chapters, and peer-reviewed publications regularly. Every month, he travels both nationally and internationally to deliver lectures on rhinoplasty. He has already delivered speeches at conferences in New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Italy, France, Hungary, and more. In 2015, he was able to present a new anatomy of the nasal bridge or dorsum and tip cartilages. Innovative methods, such as piezosurgery, have only been done by Dr. Kosins at The Rhinoplasty Center in the US. He usually points out that this allows him to perform rhinoplasty without “breaking your bones.” Thus, it is no wonder that they are able to provide one of the best rhinoplasty services in the United States.

Currently, Dr. Kosins is conducting research on patients who have difficult soft tissue envelopes, which is a thick skin that has typically limited the ability of plastic surgeons to provide nasal definition in some patients. By applying the principles of skin health, lasers, and oral medication, they have been able to provide excellent results on patients who previously were not able to achieve true definition for their nasal tips.

At The Rhinoplasty Center, they have four categories for rhinoplasty procedures. These are the primary rhinoplasty, secondary rhinoplasty, ethnic rhinoplasty, and the Persian / Middle Eastern rhinoplasty.

A primary rhinoplasty is the procedure done on a patient who has never had an operation on his or her nose. Thus, when the patient is consulting with Dr. Kosins, he will ask several questions regarding the patient’s ethnic background, his or her desires, and the three changes that he or she would like for the nose. Perhaps, a female patient thinks that her nose looks masculine or the patient believes his or her nose is too long. Or perhaps, the patient has noticed that his or her nose appears to be asymmetrical. After the initial consultation and the physical exam, Dr. Kosins would be able to have an intelligent discussion with the patient on what the nose would look like after the surgery. The specific plan to achieve the desired results will then be discussed.

Meanwhile, secondary rhinoplasty is also known as revision rhinoplasty because this is usually done to make some corrections to a previous rhinoplasty. Secondary rhinoplasty presents a number of challenges because of the presence of an operative scar, functional problems, lack of cartilage materials, and the element of surprise because it is usually not known what was done during the previous surgery or surgeries.

Those would like to learn more about the rhinoplasty services provided at The Rhinoplasty Center may want to check out their website at http://therhinoplastycenternewportbeach.com/, or contact them on the telephone, or through email.


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