When John Williams Says “Ads Grow Business” He Isn’t Lying

When John Williams was looking to come up with a name for his new business, he wanted to keep it simple and to the point. Soon he decided to go with a name that stated exactly how his company was going to generate more leads for carpet cleaning professionals; ‘Ads Grow Business’. The philosophy of the newly founded company was simple; the more people that know a customer of theirs exists the more business that will come that carpet cleaning company’s way. Well, the results are in and Williams could not have chosen a more appropriate name as the carpet cleaning companies that he serves are reporting double digit growth in many cases. So, when Williams chose the name ‘Ads Grow Business’ – his clients can attest to the fact that he definitely wasn’t lying.

While the ‘Ads Grow Business’ agency like many other companies saw incredible growth over the last 2 years, it’s what happened once the pandemic hit in March that sets this company apart from other similar types of businesses. "It's been rough out there; I have seen so many local businesses and ad agencies either close and shut up shop during this pandemic or stick their heads in the sand waiting and hoping things will bounce back." Williams said, "I pushed forward spoke with my team and clients. Now is the time to double down on our advertising.” The result of this company-wide push forward during the Covid-19 pandemic when other agencies went into pause mode resulted in sustained growth for both his company and their carpet cleaning clientele. Williams stated that they doubled their current customer base during the last 6 pandemic filled months of 2020. That makes ‘Ads Grow Business’ able to boast that they are one of the few marketing agencies that can say “results are typical from us”. He has proven that by getting more people to see ads on his clients’ carpet cleaning businesses, that he can still deliver favorable results for them even during the worst possible economic climate. When asked how he was able to do this, Williams responded by saying, “We got creative with our messaging and took advantage of reduced ad prices and knew we could get even more eyeballs on our ads with everyone being at home during lockdown.”

Carpet Cleaning Advertising Results

Williams says that for those who are skeptical of these numbers, they need to look no further than the company’s Facebook page which can be found at https://www.facebook.com/adsgrowbusiness. He says that on that popular social media site it’s pretty evident to see how happy the company’s clients are with the results of their new ad campaign push. Satisfied clients have been posting positive feedback there daily. A Facebook post that one satisfied carpet cleaner left stated, “Hey John, things have gone absolutely bonkers over here since you guys launched that new text campaign for us. We are already booked almost completely a week out!” The company founder went on to say that their referral business has also been on fire because of results that AGB and its customers have been sharing on Facebook.

According to Williams, on his end of things, he even had to take immediate steps to meet the increased demand for the company’s services. This included adding 6 new hires in mid-August. Five of these positions were directly related to handling incoming new sales. Williams says for those carpet cleaning companies that would like to put their carpet cleaner bookings on autopilot, they should make an appointment with him using the company’s new booking calendar which can be found on their website. During this scheduled virtual consultation, prospective carpet cleaning clients can learn all about how ‘Ads Grow Business’ can help them steadily increase their sales. He will go over with them how he has been using target audience research, online customer research surveys, laser-focused digital marketing campaigns, and email marketing campaigns to help his clients’ carpet cleaning businesses increase sales. Williams added that by shoring up the effectiveness of the above-mentioned tools by using an automated SMS follow up system and further strategic consulting, his company can then design digital marketing campaigns that will get to the ‘exact’ people that are looking to hire his carpet cleaning clients.


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