WeRank Rebrands To Proactive Law Firm Marketing

Proactive Law Firm Marketing is pleased to announce that they have rebranded themselves in order to better represent their services to clients. Formerly known as WeRank, the agency helps law firms grow their business through affordable and effective digital marketing services. Their website can be found at https://www.proactivelawfirmmarketing.com/.

Proactive Law Firm Marketing is dedicated to helping law firms grow through marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). Law firm marketing and SEO has a reputation of being one of the most competitive niches on Google. This reputation is not unfounded as law firm marketing and SEO can help law firms dominate the first page of Google and grow rapidly. On the other hand, some law firms may invest considerable amounts of money in marketing but not receive the results that they are looking for. This understandably leads to much frustration and disappointment. Fortunately, Proactive Law Firm Marketing is here to take away all of the frustration from law firm marketing.

During their time as WeRank, Proactive Law Firm Marketing has worked with companies from a wide range of industries. While doing so, they discovered that they felt most fulfilled when working with law firms. The agency has worked with more than 40 law firms to date. They make full use of their experience to provide effective and efficient law firm marketing. They build their clients’ online reputation and make them much more visible on the market. This means that their clients get the growth they are looking for. Proactive Law Firm Marketing is as dedicated as they are experienced. They wish to see their clients grow and become more successful with the help of their marketing assistance.

Proactive Law Firm Marketing provides personalized digital marketing strategies. They understand that each law firm’s situation is unique. As such, they closely study their clients and the competition. This allows them to come up with marketing solutions that are best suited to each firm’s style, situation and goals. Proactive Law Firm Marketing only works with one law firm per market. Only one law firm can dominate the first page of Google per market in the cities their clients are in. Proactive Law Firm Marketing assures their clients that they will not offer their services to their partners’ competition. This gives their clients the best chance of dominating search engine results pages. Proactive Law Firm Marketing also separates themselves from the other law firm marketing businesses by not utilizing long term contracts. Other law firm marketing agencies make use of long term contracts to hold their partners hostage. Proactive Law Firm Marketing does not engage in such tactics, however, as they want to make sure that their clients are happy working with them. They also keep constant communication to ensure that they fully satisfy their partners’ needs.

One of the many marketing services that they provide is website design. Although it may be overlooked in many cases, website design is important to law firms for more reasons than simply attracting more clients. Website design can also be used to make a website more attractive to search engines, thus landing it in superior placements in search results. Proactive Law Firm Marketing makes use of WordPress to produce designs that are flexible and can be structured with excellent SEO architecture. Another service they offer is law firm SEO. Law firm SEO constantly changes over time. In fact, law firm SEO has seen a lot of changes over the past few years. This means that law firm marketing companies cannot afford to remain stagnant.

Proactive Law Firm Marketing strives to remain on top of the algorithm changes made by Google (and other search engines, if necessary). They are members and contributors of many mastermind groups that are updated on the latest developments in law firm SEO. Their consultants have all undergone advanced and in depth SEO training that makes them capable of making good and informed decisions depending on the SEO landscape. This helps ensure that their clients will see themselves on the first page of Google results.

Other marketing services that Proactive Law Firm Marketing provides include pay-per-click advertising and employment branding and advertising. More information about their services can be found on the Proactive Law Firm Marketing website. Those interested may connect with the company on Facebook at https://facebook.com/ProactiveLawFirmMarketing.


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