Wedding Videography Provider Explains Whether Wedding Videos Are Really a Need or Just a Want

Weddings with Motion, a wedding videography provider based in Tinley Park, Illinois, has recently posted an article on their blog site that tackles the question on whether wedding videos are really needed or not. The article points out that while still pictures may be used to capture the memories, a wedding video is the only way to capture all of the emotions during that most special day in the life of the couple. When watching the video, the couple and their loved ones will be able to relive and experience again all of those emotions that they felt during that day.

Rick Wolf from Weddings with Motion says, “Don’t let these memories go undocumented or in the wrong hands. An experienced wedding videographer will know how to capture the right shots at the right time! Choosing a professional videographer is one of the most important choices you will make. You don’t want your video looking like it was shot by ‘Uncle Bob!’”

There are certain things that the bride and groom will need to take into account when hiring a wedding videographer. First of all, they will need to think of the different events that they would like to be captured in video throughout the day. Perhaps, the couple would like to have a video of the bride getting prepared or maybe they would just like to focus on their first dance. A good wedding videographer would be able to customize the package to suit the specific needs of the couple.

And then, of course, the cost of the wedding videos will need to be considered. Naturally, the bride and groom will want to minimize costs since there are a lot of expenses to take into account for a wedding. However, they need to be wary of videographers who offer low prices but, in the end, will add a number of fees that will substantially increase the overall price. A good wedding videographer is truly transparent regarding all of the costs and will specify upfront all of the fees that will need to be paid.

Weddings with Motion offers two types of films for the wedding videos. First is the trailer film, which will run from 2 to 3 minutes. This trailer film is short enough for sharing all over social media but it is ensured to capture all of the most intimate and important moments of the occasion, including the most compelling shots. The trailer film is that perfect segment of the whole occasion that can be shared with all friends and family members.

And then there is the highlight film, which usually runs for 8 to 10 minutes. This is actually a longer version of the trailer film to be able to show more of the wedding day. It may start in the morning while the bride and groom are preparing for the special day. And then it may follow the couple, capturing through various camera angles and separately recorded video the various events leading to the actual wedding ceremony. And then it will capture those precious moments when the bride and groom make their wedding vows. And finally, it will record the celebration and traditions that follow the ceremony, such as the reception, the grand entrance of the couple, cutting the cake, the various speeches, the first dance, and the other celebrations.

Meanwhile, the Weddings with Motion website has a blog section where they post a number of articles that may help those who are planning a wedding. Important topics discussed include choosing the right venue and the importance of wedding videos.

Rick Wolf says, “Do you need a wedding videographer? Don’t hesitate to check out our website or call use on the phone.” Those interested are invited to review the pricing section on the site to know what is included in the various packages offered, such as the Gold Package, Silver Package, and Platinum Package. Those who are interested can schedule their free consultation by phone, Zoom, or Facetime. Consultations are conducted using these technologies at the present time to ensure safety in view of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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