WECORE Buys Houses Offers Tips On Selling Your House Fast In Austin

WECORE Buys Houses, a Hutto, Texas based home buyer, has just published a blog post titled ‘How to Spot a Scam When Buying or Selling Real Estate in Austin.’ The post serves to help those who are looking to buy or sell a house in Austin make better decisions regarding how and when the sale is made in order to avoid scams. Scams surrounding the purchase or sale of property are incredibly common, and many find themselves losing large sums of money to such situations. The blog post can be found at https://www.wecorebuyshouses.com/how-to-spot-a-scam-when-buying-or-selling-real-estate-in-austin/.

Real estate scams are always evolving, with criminals becoming more and more adept at orchestrating and pulling off complicated plots. This makes working with a professional buying or selling real estate agent more important than ever. As WECORE says, “The importance of working with a professional buying or selling real estate in Austin has never been of such significance. You can feel secure knowing you are working with trustworthy service providers, through the knowledge your WECORE Buys Houses real estate professional provides. Being the victim of a real estate scam is not something anyone wants to happen, especially with their real estate transactions.”

The blog post provides tips that can help one spot a trickster and keep their assets, both property and money, safe. The first is to be careful with wire transfers. If one is contacted to wire the money, especially where the instruction to wire the money deviates from the original instructions, there is a very real possibility that it is a scam. Whenever this happens, one should check the original paperwork to ensure that the contact information is a match. Contacting one’s financier to confirm that the instructions are legitimate can also help one avoid a potential ripoff.

The second tip offered by the blog post is to be careful when refinancing an existing mortgage. Lenders have been known to persuade homeowners to refinance over and over, a practice known as ‘loan flipping.’ It is usually a bad idea to finance a mortgage a short period of time after another. The older population is generally very vulnerable to this kind of practice, especially those with memory issues. To be safe, seniors are encouraged to have their transactions reviewed by a trusted family member or friend whenever they conduct any sort of business.

Capitalizing on one’s foreclosure is the third tip the blog post offers. “Facing foreclosure is extremely stressful and can leave homeowners desperate for a solution,” says WECORE’s post. “Regrettably, what seems too good to be true ends up being a nightmare created by swindlers. Often, they represent themselves as government agencies and charge enormous upfront fees for resolution, leaving the homeowner in an even worse financial situation. If they approached you first or don’t want you to speak to your lender, the red flags are waving, and this is an alert to find a reputable source of assistance. Should you find yourself facing foreclosure, first be direct with your lender. Many are willing to work out a solution with modifications, forbearance, or some other arrangement. Speak to a HUD accredited housing counselor to provide you options as well, they will even attend third party telephone calls with your lender to assist you.”

Avoiding over the phone or online transactions is another very important tip offered by the post. It is usually better to meet in person to sign documents and make payments as it is very easy for scammers to pretend to represent the owner in an online transaction. Scammers have also been known to pretend to be real estate professionals, and one can avoid falling victim to people pretending to be real estate professionals by confirming their licenses on the state division of real estate licensing websites.

The easiest way to avoid scams, however, is to work with a home buyer like WECORE Buys Houses. The home buyer purchases houses for cash and can help buyers and sellers spot scams. The company offers fast responses and a highly professional experience. WECORE Buys Houses provides a quick and easy way to sell — which is unique in that it is an entirely reliable service. Find out more about the company at the following link: https://www.pressadvantage.com/story/37446-wecore-buys-houses-announces-with-pleasure-we-buy-houses-in-austin.


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