Web Design Company Accepting Litecoin

Chicago Website Design SEO Company, a company based in Naperville, IL, is pleased to announced that they are now accepting Litecoin as payment. Litecoin is a peer-to-peer Internet cryptocurrency for payments. It is an open-source, global payment network that is completely decentralized and has no central authorities. Jack Lombardi, CEO of the website design and SEO company, has also stated that he is open to ALT coins, such as Safemoon and Dogecoin in addition to Litecoin.

Jack Lombardi, CEO of Chicago Website Design SEO Company, says, “We are ready to accept Litecoin and altcoins, which are cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin. Litecoin is an open source global payment network and has the advantage of speedier transaction confirmation times and enhanced storage efficiency. And, of course, we can also accept other altcoins, just like Dogecoin and Safemoon.”


The Litecoin blockchain has the advantage of being able to handle a bigger transaction volume compared to Bitcoin. Because there is more frequent block generation, the network can handle more transactions without any need for changing the software in the future. Also provided is wallet encryption, which ensures the security of one’s wallet, allowing the user to view the transactions and account balance. A password must be entered before the user is allowed to spend litecoins.

Meanwhile, Chicago Website Design SEO Company has earned the reputation of being the most trusted SEO and website design company in the Midwest. One of the reasons is their capability to build websites that excel in lead generation. Having built almost 500 websites, their team of professionals have become experienced and knowledgeable on what is required to generate new leads. And SEO is incorporated in the websites as a forethought rather than just as an afterthought. Their website designs offer various advantages, such as lead generation, high converting content, responsive mobile and tablet friendly site, and better Google results.

Chicago Website Design SEO Company also provides local SEO services for small businesses. This is vital because more than 10 billion distinct searches are made every month in the United States, and more than 40 percent of such queries are neighboring searches, such as city, state, and even including community names. It is local SEO that can help a company take advantage of this opportunity.

The SEO experts at Chicago Website Design SEO Company are experienced and knowledgeable on the strategies to use in ensuring that the company will stand out from the competition and rank high based on localized keywords. An important benefit of local SEO is that local customers are usually ready to buy when they are browsing the webs for a particular product or service in their area. Another distinctive advantage of local SEO is that a company does not have to compete with international companies. Local SEO will ensure that the business will have a strong local online presence.

Chicago Website Design SEO Company also offers reputation management services. This is important for high profile individuals, such as celebrities, and various companies. A good online reputation is a key asset for a company and its officers, such as the CEO. Potential clients have the tendency to check online and if there are any negative write-ups about the company or individual, this could discourage them from doing business with the company.

The reputation management professionals from Chicago Website Design SEO Company will check if there are any negative reviews or write-ups about the company and then ensure that these will not appear on the front page of Google search results. Meanwhile, the positive reviews are ensured to appear on the first page of the search engine results.

They can also help with pay per click (PPC) marketing. The company’s PPC management experts will manage the client’s PPC campaign, offering consultations to ensure that the client’s message will reach the biggest audience possible.

Those who are interested in the services of an SEO and web design company can visit the website of the Chicago Website Design SEO Company or contact them on the telephone or through email.


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