Web 3.0 Marketing & Growth Agency Results.io Launches Essential Project Management Software Suite

Web 3.0 marketing agency and business incubator, Results.io has launched a software suite designed to help Web 3.0 founders monitor and manage their projects. Further information about the company’s unique marketing project management software can be found on the official website.

The Web 3.0 marketing software suite from Results.io streamlines the work that it takes to manage online communities, one of the most important tasks for marketing and growing a Web 3.0 project. It automates mundane tasks so that community managers can spend more time focused on the big-picture issues that tend to get overlooked. There are several Web 3.0 marketing-focused features available right now on the Results.io platform and the company has promised to keep updating the software as the industry changes and more advanced features are needed.

The biggest selling point of the Results.io Web 3.0 project management software suite is that it combines all the most important features under one dashboard, a boon for productivity. It features a KPI tracker that enables Web 3.0 entrepreneurs to track all their communities in one place and set internal goals for growth and engagement. The software can sync data from several popular community-building platforms including Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and Medium. Results.io has also created an Announcement Bot that gives community owners the ability to announce their updates to multiple Discord and Telegram groups at once. Members can also be incentivized to actively participate in the community by adding leaderboards for token holders, staking, and NFTs.

The software suite’s DAO Manager module gives project owners powerful capabilities such as automating payroll, managing expenses, organizing the project’s contributors, maintaining the project’s transparency, and ensuring community compliance. The software also has a Marketing Manager module where project leads can manage their digital assets, strategically plan resource allocation, monitor the efficiency of their workflow, and optimize their work performance. Its Whitelist Manager allows users to seamlessly add people to an “allow” list, track its size and availability, and easily download and manage it.

Results.io was able to successfully create its marketing software suite due to its long track record of launching Web 3.0 projects for its clients, giving them unprecedented insight into how engaged communities are built from scratch. For companies who want to launch an IDO, Results.io helps launch their token with proven strategy and launch plans that have been tested and perfected over more than 30 project launches. For creators who want to build a community around an NFT project, Results.io crafts 90-day launch plans designed to mint out marketable collections. P2E gaming startups rely on Results.io to get their games in front of hundreds of qualified users since the company has partnerships with quite a few top gaming communities in Web 3.0.

A spokesperson for Results.io talks about why Web 3.0 project owners should invest in robust marketing software solutions by saying, “The new decentralized internet is here but its success is hinged on its adoption. Web 3.0 projects such as NFT collections, P2E (Play to Earn) games, and Initial DEX Offerings all live or die depending on the strength of the community backing them. To succeed in this landscape, you need a group of passionate people on your side who recognize the worth of your project and will stick with you for the long haul. Using a feature-rich marketing solution, like the one we offer, is the best way to know that you are reaching the right kind of people. You will be able to control your marketing over all the available channels ensuring consistency in your messaging. You will also be able to track your metrics accurately allowing you to change your strategy or allocate more time in areas that you are lacking.”

Results.io is a Web 3.0-focused growth agency that uses varying combinations of high-traffic social platforms, influencer outreach, and other partnerships and investments to make its clients’ projects successful and profitable. Readers are encouraged to head over to the Web 3.0 company’s website to browse through all its product and service offerings.


For more information about Results.io, contact the company here:

Lukas Scheibinger
+48 601 518 032