We Buy Houses in New Jersey Declares the Housing Market is Red Hot

We Buy Houses in New Jersey, a real estate company that buys and renovates houses, declares that the NJ housing market is red hot with the result being that the housing inventory in New Jersey remains very low.

The housing market in New Jersey is at its most active period in recent years, mainly motivated by the COVID-19 pandemic. People in densely populated cities like New York City, with its increasing crime rates, are interested in living in safer and less-crowded places, such as those in the suburbs of New Jersey, which has resulted in intense competition over the available homes for sale in the Garden State.

“Our rehabbed homes are getting multiple offers and getting sold very quickly,” says Jason Ward from We Buy Houses in New Jersey. “This is the hottest housing market in New Jersey in almost a decade.”

The number of houses available for sale in New Jersey remains at a very low level as the state is currently in one of its hottest periods in recent years. Houses in suburbs with relatively short commute times to New York City, including homes located at the Jersey shore, are very much in demand.

Furthermore, with many workers now working at home and having flexible schedules, those who are interested in buying a home are also looking at other options that may even be beyond their commonly acceptable commute times. Many are also considering bigger homes as people expect to work from home at least for the remainder of 2021, which means there is a strong demand for a wide sector of the New Jersey housing market. In addition, the very low interest rates for mortgages are motivating more people to buy a home.

Jason Ward believes that it is a good opportunity for those who want to sell their homes, including those who are in a hurry to leave New Jersey before property taxes skyrocket in the next few years.

And there are two options for sellers: sell their house through a realtor; or sell their home to a company like We Buy Houses in New Jersey. The company believes in the importance of transparency and on their website explains to home sellers both the advantages and disadvantages when selling their houses via a traditional Realtor.

A key benefit when selling to We Buy Houses in New Jersey is that the transaction could be done much more quickly because it would be a cash offer, which means there would be no waiting for the bank to approve a mortgage application. And because they will be buying the house “as-is”, there would be no need to clean or repair the home. There would be no Realtor commissions to pay and the seller can actually schedule the date for the closing. And the amount offered would actually be the net amount given to the seller without any deductions.

It is important to realize that buyers obtained through a Realtor will likely require a mortgage, which may take weeks or even months to get approved by the bank due to the current financing requirements. And when selling through a Realtor, it is vital to have the house cleaned and repaired or else, potential buyers will get disappointed when they visit and check on the house for sale.

Those who are interested in learning more about the potential cash offer from We Buy Houses in New Jersey may want to visit their website.


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