We Buy Houses in Mooresville NC, Says Maverick Property Group

Maverick Property Group, LLC wants to inform homeowners that they are buying houses in any condition in Mooresville, NC, and neighboring areas. They are inviting people who want to sell their property as soon as possible, to check their offer. Furthermore, aside from buying the property as-is, they will be paying in cash. On the other hand, they are also selling houses for those who are interested in finding real estate deals even before they hit the market.

Maverick Property Group is a family-owned company that has been in the real estate business for more than eight years and understands the situation of people who want to sell their home fast. It is possible that people have unexpectedly inherited a house they don’t care to live in, or they are in the middle of a divorce, or they are late in their payments and want to avoid foreclosure. All that it would take is for the home seller to follow three simple steps.

The first step would be to submit their information to Maverick Property Group through their website or by calling them on the phone. In step 2, they will provide the homeowner with their best no-obligation cash offer within a span of 24 hours. If the homeowner accepts the offer, they will proceed to the third and final step, where the homeowner will choose a closing date and the cash amount offered will be deposited into the account of the seller.

Tom Murphy from Maverick Property Group says, “If a life event requires you to sell your house fast in North Carolina, we at Maverick Property Group, LLC understand and want to help! We buy houses in any condition in Mooresville, NC. We can make you an all-cash offer (often times within 24 hours) and follow through with a hassle-free transaction to quickly help you get on with your life.”

There are various situations in which people would want to sell their home quickly. These include the presence of taxes owed to the government; pre-foreclosure situation; being behind on payments; no equity; the fact that the homeowner has bad tenants; retirement; bankruptcy; divorce; need to liquidate assets; need to relocate; unexpected ownership of an unsightly house; and fire damage.

Maverick Property Group, LLC is offering to buy houses in several places in North Carolina, including Huntersville, Davidson, Statesville, Charlotte, Mooresville, and Cornelius. They won’t need to list the home. Instead, they will be buying the house with cash as a form of investment. This means that there would be no need for open houses, home financing, or paying hidden fees. That is why they are ready to provide a solution to such a dilemma by offering a fair cash offer for the property so that such homeowners may be able to move on and continue with their lives.

What makes this company different from others that also offer to buy houses is that they provide a number of alternatives to the home seller. And the homeowners are not being forced to make a decision in a short time. They can take as much time as they want to truly evaluate the situation and the different possible ways of selling the house as early as possible. And because they will buy the house with cash, there will be no real estate agent commissions to pay nor will the seller have to wait for weeks for a bank to approve home financing for the buyer. There will be no hidden fees, which means that the full amount of the cash offered will be received by the seller.

Those who are interested in selling their home fast and in cash may want to visit the Maverick Property Group, LLC website, or contact them on the telephone or through email.


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