We Buy Houses Greenville Announces it is Possible to Sell Your House without a Realtor

In its recent blog post at https://webuyhousesgreenville.com/3-key-advantages-of-selling-to-an-investor-over-a-traditional-buyer-in-greenville-sc/, We Buy houses Greenville points out that a seller does not need a realtor to successfully sell a house.

Many people who find themselves in a situation where there is a need to sell a house, and sell it fast, can quickly become overwhelmed with just how difficult that can be. Most sellers think that a realtor must be used and that there are always complex contracts to be signed, and realtor’s fees to be met. In addition, most sellers believe that the property needs to be in good condition to stand any chance of selling. People also tend to think, correctly, that this process may take weeks, if not months before any money changes hands.

We Buy Houses Greenville

The We Buy Houses Greenville company has taken aim at all those things, as their business model first and foremost makes it possible for an owner to sell a property without ever meeting with a real estate agent.

Jason Tolliver, a spokesman for We Buy Houses Greenville, said “Very often we can actually do a deal and close on a house in as quickly as 7 days. We can do that without a single real estate agent being involved.”

The company points out that if a property owner sells to an investor firm like We Buy Houses Greenville there is no need for repairs to be done first. “Generally, we buy properties ‘as-is’ if it meets our criteria,” Mr. Tolliver continued.

There is a contact form on the company’s website for people who just want to send in a few details about a property to see if it may be something that We Buy Houses Greenville is interested in. Or prospective customers can also simply just call (864) 477-2433 and discuss the possibilities. There is no obligation to sell of course. If a property owner does not want to accept the offer they do not have to do so.

It is important to know that We Buy Houses Greenville also bears all costs such as title and transfer tax fees. Mr. Tolliver also said, “Choosing to work with us does not cost any money out of pocket, as we will pay for everything. Unlike traditional real estate agents, we do not charge a seller for anything and there are no fees or commissions associated with the transaction.”

Based in South Carolina, We Buy Houses Greenville is both a local and family owned company that believes in following family values. it makes a point of stating that it is not a big company, but that unlike many bigger companies where people are often just another number, all sellers will be treated not only professionally and respectfully, but as individuals.

Mr. Tolliver ended by saying, "At We Buy Houses Greenville we run the business based on the well-established core values of integrity, commitment, respect, professionalism, and execution. We do the right thing; we keep our word and we get things done and done fast. We know when someone comes to us, they want to sell as quickly as possible and not get mired down in paperwork. We make it as quick and as painless as possible."

Ms. Jenny Wallbatch, a recent customer of We Buy Houses Greenville, said, “I inherited a house not long ago and I decided it needed to be sold. I have always used traditional realtors before but when they saw the condition the house was in, they told me it ‘would never sell’ unless I did a lot of remedial work. I could not afford that, so I looked for alternatives and came across We Buy Houses Greenville. They were super helpful and quickly made me a very fair offer which I was more than happy to accept.”


Anyone interested in selling a house fast should visit the company’s blog at https://we-buy-houses-greenville.business.site/posts/8163972949446687516 for a brief introduction to the company. From there, interested sellers should click on “Learn More” to visit We Buy Houses Greenville’s company website where visitors will find a full run down of the company, how it works, and the services it offers.


For more information about We Buy Houses Greenville, contact the company here:

We Buy Houses Greenville
Dan Dambrosio
(864) 477-2433
Greenville, SC 29607