We Advertise Your Business Interviews Founder Of Real Estate Digital Publication Maison Magazine

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We Advertise Your Business, a startup growth accelerator that helps entrepreneurs scale up and supercharge their online businesses and startups, has posted a podcast on its website where it interviews Nicki Callahan, the founder of Maison Magazine, an online real estate publication that serves real estate agents and property managers by providing content to market their services.

The community-specific, custom branded digital magazine was born out of the founder’s need to market her real estate business to clients when she moved to Washington state. Nicki was faced with the prospect of having to market her new real estate brokering business without any significant connections in the neighborhood she lived in and the local Washington community. She conceived of the idea of starting a magazine as she considered it a modern and contemporary approach to marketing and collecting leads. Soon the word spread on the quality of her work and her skills and she was able to move, from handling her real estate business to providing her services to others like her who were struggling with marketing their own real estate business. As Nicki had always had a creative spark, she was able to transition to the new business model effortlessly and successfully.

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Maison magazine is a white label solution for real estate marketing where real estate agents can commission content that is tailored to their target demographic in the areas that they serve throughout the country. Maison Magazine is a venture of Nest Publications, the parent company that Nicki is in-charge of. The custom-crafted content in the real estate digital magazine is then sent out to the real estate’s broker database of clients and leads, or as is called in the real estate industry, their sphere of influence. The content acts as a way for real estate agents to continuously keep themselves relevant and known to their clients who can turn to them if they ever need to make a purchase or invest in a property. The USP of her service is that the content is location-specific enabling the agent to create a marketing channel that is pertinent to the region they are operating in.

Nicki then goes on to describe the general layout for a branded magazine which can include articles that are relevant to either real estate agents or property managers, depending on the client’s line of work. For example, real estate brokers can have articles such as the best location to buy a home based on budget, how to get a mortgage, first-time homebuyer needs, interior décor ideas, and more. These articles are accompanied by an intro letter that is addressed to the reader from the agent who has commissioned Nicki’s services. There is also an agent page in the middle of the magazine that can have social media, contact information, and a few sample listings of the properties that the agent is currently managing.

The podcast host, Steven, then draws attention to how Nicki was able to leverage help from Paul and his team at We Advertise Your Business. Nicki says that in the first meeting Paul patiently listened to her as she explained her business model and then came up with concrete actionable ideas that could take her business to the next level. Nicki notes that Paul genuinely understood her business and gave relevant suggestions that she is excited to try out and see results from. Paul is helping Nicki end her reliance on word-of-mouth marketing and encouraging her to try out techniques that can drive sustained and stable growth. Nicki says that she plans to grow slowly but surely as she doesn’t want to oversaturate the market by creating overlapping and redundant content for too many clients in a particular area. Nicki envisions Maison to be the crème de la crème of real estate online magazines by creating content that is semi-unique and tailored to the key strengths of her agency’s clients.

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