Water Heater Repair Calgary Company Taking Steps to Ensure Its Customers Continue to Get a High Level of Service

Reliable Plumbers Calgary is a company that is committed to always giving its customers a very high level of service. Evidence of this comes in the form of several steps that they have recently taken to ensure that they get to their customers faster and provide quality service when they get there. Offering a well-rounded plumbing experience to its customers is a huge source of pride for those that work for this reputable Calgary, Alberta area plumbing specialist.

The company owner, Mike Reliable, says, “Myself, my techs, and my support staff have worked very hard over the years to ensure that our customers get nothing but the best possible plumbing, heating, and air services. Rest assured this is something that we do not take lightly. As a good example of that, despite our already stellar reputation in this regard, we continue to take steps that will ensure there is never a drop-off in the response times that we get to our customers and in the quality of the service that they receive when we get to their homes or businesses.”


Reliable when on to discuss some of the proactive steps they have taken that will enable them to provide an even higher level of service to their customers. This includes the news that they have hired new employees for servicing a customer’s plumbing, heating, and water heater needs. They are also not shy when it comes to partnering with other reputable companies in the Calgary area to meet their customers' plumbing and heating demands. These new partnerships have enabled them to not only provide better plumbing and heating services but this has also resulted in them being able to offer even more affordable quotes. He also stated that it does no good to hire additional techs if they do not have the vehicles and other plumbing and support equipment necessary to do their jobs properly. That’s why they have invested in new trucks and equipment to help increase how fast they get to their customers and to ensure them of a high level of service when they get there.

The company owner emphasized that they will continue to make a strong effort to get to their customers on the same day that they call. He also mentioned the fact that they have taken steps to make sure that their emergency plumbing services remain among the best in the area. Part of this is that they will now have more technicians on standby 24/7 to shorten their emergency plumbing service response time. Also helping out with this is that these standby techs realize the importance of keeping their service vehicles fully stocked and gassed up so they can be dispatched at a moment’s notice. Carrying many of the most commonly used plumbing emergency repair parts and equipment on their service vehicles also enables them to get a vast majority of their plumbing emergency calls completed in just a single trip to a customer’s home or business.

Reliable also discussed how they are now offering more plumbing services than ever before. This includes their emergency water heater repairs and replacements. He says that nobody likes to be without hot water for long and with their fast emergency plumbing service response times no customer has to be. He also mentioned that their techs are very good when it comes to doing all types of plumbing & leak repairs, drain cleaning, and toilet repair & replacement. He stated that they are also very proficient when it comes to handling the plumbing aspects of even the largest remodeling or renovation projects.

Clients speak very highly of the service that they have received from Calgary plumbing company with over 20-years of experience. A.R. stated, “Thank you so much for the quick plumbing repair. I recommend you any day of the week. Thumbs up.” More information on Reliable Plumbers Calgary’s services can be seen on its website which is located at https://plumbercalgaryab.com/. When customers go to that website, a message will also immediately pop up on the homepage that will enable them to quickly send an email or make a phone call to the company.


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