Water Damage Marketing Services Offered by Vinnie Mac Restoration Marketing

Vinnie Mac Restoration Marketing, a digital marketing agency based in Glen Carbon, IL, is pleased to announce that they are offering water damage restoration marketing services that can help restoration companies get more leads, more customers, and a higher revenue. They offer a comprehensive restoration marketing system that uses Internet marketing to attract, capture and engage more jobs for the water damage restoration business. Their system includes various services, such as local SEO, PPC ads, website design, custom restoration CRM, reputation building and social media management.

The company has created an exclusive restoration CRM system to help client to monitor all of their restoration leads and jobs. Their restoration CRM system has a number of features. These include call tracking, a sales dashboard, text messaging, reputation and review management, automated follow ups, and a contact database. Call tracking allows the client to review the company’s calls biweekly or monthly as a way to assess the company’s sales tactics and potential customers. The dashboard allows the user to get an overview of answered calls, first time callers, duration of calls, and missed calls. It is also possible to filter the calls by date, year, and other time periods. The user of the CRM can also view all listed calls at the bottom of the screen and the list, it is possible to listen to each call, download it, and add contact data for each caller.

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Vinnie Mac Restoration Marketing offers local SEO services and techniques that have been shown to positively benefit restoration companies. For their local SEO services, they will provide a professionally built website, content creation, targeting of long-tail keywords, targeting of suburbs and nearby areas, business listings and citations, and link building and reviews.

The website that they will provide is conversion-focused to provide more restoration jobs, ranks at the top page of search engine results, and enhances ranking every day through regular site optimization efforts. This website would be built not just for desktops but also for mobile devices because at the present time, more than 80 percent of web traffic come from mobile devices.

Vinnie Mac Restoration Marketing also provides PPC services through Google Ads. They know that water damage leads through PPC ads can be expensive with regards to both time and money but when the ads are optimized from the start, PPC becomes one of the most profitable and most cost-effective online marketing tools in the industry. The professionals at Vinnie Mac will carefully develop ad copy based on the keywords that the restoration company’s prospects are actually searching online to ensure that the client will get the most revenue from the investment. The goals of the Vinnie Mac PPC professionals would be to: get the client to rank in the top spot for each keyword related to water, fire, asbestos, mold, or demo in the client’s chosen markets; convert leads into customers at a much faster rate compared to conventional SEO efforts; and link the PPC ads to special promotions and offers to produce more clickthrough’s.

Vinnie Mac Restoration Marketing also offers social media management for restoration businesses because social media is an effective tool for the company to connect with existing customers and engage prospective customers. By utilizing targeted social media ads and in-depth insights, social media will be used for posting engaging and relevant content that will serve to promote the client’s restoration business.

Content creation will also be provided for blog posts, press releases, case studies, and location-based content. Such content will be used for the client’s website and in the social media pages.

The digital marketing agency can also help the client get more five-star reviews through an automated review system that will post the company’s reviews on various sites, including Facebook, Google, and Angie’s List.


Those who are interested in learning more about the water damage marketing services offered by Vinnie Mac Restoration Marketing may want to check out their website at https://www.restorationmarketing.com, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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